That's ONE way to kill a spider...

I’m not a big fan of spiders myself, but…damn.

Methinks this is going just a liiitle overboard. :hahaha;

Stop using AOL.

aol suck ass. and no one else can see what’s on that link.

Yes, it does. But my dad likes it, and he pays my internet bill.

And I didn’t know that…I apologize.

Article in a nutshell: A worker at a sporting goods store tries to kill a spider by burning it and burns the place down.

Burn the place down to kill a spider… sounds like something I would do.

That sounds very very Charle…

I think the reason we invaded Iraq was to kill a spider

No, we invaded Afghanistan to kill a spider. We invaded Iraq to kill a gnat.

Hey GG! I can read it :hahaha; . Anyway, that guy is nuts!

Puts arsonist on the "list of people I would like to strap to a rocket and smash it into the moon

TD: I only have AOL because my dad is too damn busy to call for DSL. And as long as it works and I don’t have to pay for it, I’m not complaining.

Nice Avvie BX.

what? what sound charle? what did what do?

Stupudidy at is best,you can get any dumber than this,or can it?

Overkill! Ahahaha! dies Anyway, he must have felt rather stupid after that…

no no… charle likes spiders. Don’t ya charle?

I hate spiders. I like spiderman. but I hate spiders. And I’ve killed them with fire before!

That guy is worthy of recieving a stupid sign.

Spiders are cool and cute.
Don’t kill them!

They’re even harmless!

Thanks, SS. Good to hear from you. I’ve decided to have an avatar of the game I’m currently playing. Just for those of you who don’t know my avatar contains–shame on you. It’s Prier and Culotte from La Pucelle: Tactics.

Somebody call for a stupid sign? Here, this is for those on my stupid list:

Along came a spider … and sat down beside 'er … and she TOOK OUT A FLAMETHROWER AND BURNINATED IT!!!1111elevenses

:ulty: Uh, Yar? Ease off the sugar, will ya?

Sure. Anyway, I wish that guy had gotten himself elligible for a Darwin award. Of course, then probably no one would’ve known why.

In Brazil, “spider” is a slang for unshaven p****.