"That's not a fire hose, that's my butt!"


For some sick, sick reason, I could not stop laughing at that. :mwahaha:

:hahaha; Thanks for the shit and giggles, er maybe not the shit.


LMAO, I love it Man. Urge to go to toilet now, after reading that…

And remember, sulphuric acid is a good antidote if you need to neutralize the milk of magnesia.

<b>Worst side effect</b>: Extreme poop

you should see the follow up: http://www.epinions.com/well-review-6F64-2CBEEF9F-399D7D14-prod5

I specially laughed at this one about gas:


It seems Ezekial’s body parts were arguing. Indeed, they were discussing which body part should be the boss of Ezekial’s body.

Brain. I am the one who makes all the decisions. It is clear that I should be the boss.

Heart. No. Mine is the engine that keeps everything going and registers emotions. I should be the boss.

Lungs. Hold on there. It’s the oxygen I give both of you that keeps you going. I should be boss.

Eyes. Don’t forget me. I see things and avoid hazards that those of you inside would never know about.

Mouth - Hey, I take in nourishment - and give voice to the body. I am pretty important, you know.

Stomach, Well, I digest all the food. I am just as important as any of you.

Last of all, the anus spoke up. "There is no question about it, he said. "I WILL be the boss.

“You”, scoffed all the body parts together. “Why, you are the most disgusting part of the body. You could never be the boss.”

At that insult, the anus shut down. Soon the stomach could no longer tolerate food, or even water. The mouth could do nothing but moan. The eyes couldn’t focus. The lungs gasped for breath. The heart began to beat slowly. The brain grew fuzzy, and couldn’t think at all.

“OK”’ We give up. “We agree. You
are the boss of the body - please start doing your job.” cried the body parts with a huge majority vote.

So then Ezekial took the Alka Seltzer as directed. The gas pressure was relieved, the stool was softened and slid smoothly over the hemorhoids because of the fiber. The anus was, indeed, the boss of the Ezekial’s body.

That’s what its supposed to do, but I’m not sure about the time scale of the events mentionned (although I’ve never tried it or know anyone who’s tried it so I can’t really debate what he’s said).