That's no moon!

It’s a fully operational battle station! :open_mouth:

Well, okay, maybe not, but the similarity’s amusing.

AHHH!!! They are coming! :scream:

That’s no battle station…that’s a moon! :o

Mimas has WMD! We must do something about this!

I still believe George hasn’t been focusing on the Empire enough. We need to get to bombing Coruscant! Why is he directing his efforts towards Iraq, Iran, N. Korea and the Rebel Alliance?

plays the Imperial March theme

That’s no fully operation battlestation, that’s a pizzasphere!

Oh, yes: Mimas. I have seen photos of it beforehand, although I just thought of an eyeball first rather than the Death Star.


Devillion = Banned.

Devillion = 2nd-base virgin

Red 5, standing by!

“Mimas, which sended us mimes, has shown clear determination in making weapons of mass destruction. To preserve our freedom and our great values, we are curently invading Mimas and going to take down the horrible government of tyrany that was going to attack democracy. God bless America.” - George W. Bush

Xelo wins. Or at least he will … if he can fly straight down this trench and send a proton torpedo into the exhaust port! :smiley:

Can you say, Deathstar?

April Ryan, The Longest Journey.

but weres the fighters?

Attn: squad leaders, weve got a new group of signals, enemy fighers coming in.


Let’s face it though… even the Selkath would kick Bush’s rear end, so the Empire could probably take him out with… one TIE fighter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, Star Wars is REALLY taking over the universe…now I’m scared.