That's it. Magic:tG game balkance just went out the window

This is just a preview, but since there is a real picture of the card it definately exists.

Vedalken Orrery

You may play nonland cards any time you could play an instant.

That’s just sick…
And I thought it was annoying when my friend was chucking out insects on my turn with Aluren

Oh and the article is here, if anyone is wondering.
Wizards of the Coast’s official Magic: the Gathering homepage.

I only know three things for sure.

The card is F*CKING SICK!

It will fuck up all existing strategies.

I’m going to get at least four of it. :stuck_out_tongue:

adds those cards to his list of exceedingly-unbalanced-to-the-point-of-absurdity moves in games, between Psionic Storm and Lionheart

Wizards is just looking for new ways to break the rules. It’s been happening for a long time. I mean, yea this’ll impact the game, but it won’t be huge. Unless Ravager Affinity and/or Goblin Bidding is put down in FD, this will probably be considered too slow.

I have to agree here. A lot of people get pumped up about a few new cards that seem really really great, but turn out to be not fast enough, and so forth. Every card has it’s weakness, and if people start going heavy on that, more people will take artifact destroyers and put it in their deck AS well as their sideboards. It’d be very difficult to pull it out and protect it. At least that’s my opinion, and I know a lot of people are running artifact destroyers now, but they would run it even more if that sees a lot of play.

Maybe you should add Cat nip+Trigger happy from FFX-2 to that. I’m FLYING through the Via Infinito with that.

I think MTG got a little too crazy after 5th edition. They just kept piling on new card abilities, and making silly powerful cards. I ended up selling all my magic cards away about a year ago because I couldn’t keep up with the game.

Well, some cards do seem too powerful, but putting them in play… and keeping them there… well, that’s a different story. Take the Darksteel cards for example. They may well be indestructible, but their casting costs mean that unless you have enough mana, they’re useless. And most of the uber-powerful enchantments and artifacts can go down with a simple Disenchant.

I’ve kind of lost interest. A bit after playing with Mirrodin, I realized an all artifact theme is boring. Maybe it if were for one set rather than a block, it’d be better, but when you’re tired of seeing your opponents play all the same things as you because there’s only a couple paths to choose, you’re not going to look forward to seeing more things everybody can play regardless of colors. And all the colors are uilt around artifacts. Bleh.

I think I’m the only one who thinks the artifact theme is kinda cool. ^^;

Personaly, I don’t keep up with the new sets as much as I used to, but I still buy a booster pak or two now and then.

On a slightly differnt note, here’s an awesome combo: Darksteel Forge and Mycosynth Lattice. It requires a LOT of mana, but it gives pretty much everything you have an immunity to DNE*. (I have both those cards, btw.)

*Damn Near Everything

I wish I had DNE immunity.

And I still think the best deck I’ve made was a Ornithopter/Unstable Mutation deck. You only need like 4 Islands to unleash dozens of meaty flying creatures. I tossed in some Boomerangs and such to slow down the enemy whilst I beat on them. Good times.

If by “silly powerful cards” you mean making silly cards with weird abilities that could potentially really powerful if used in just the right convoluted way, then yes. I haven’t been following Magic for awhile, but I was very into it up through about 5th ed… and if anything, WotC’s rule of thumb was to eliminate cards which were just all-around bad ass (think Lightning Bolt) and come up with new concepts that made the game more complicated.

Not that I’m complaining, I thought it was cool when they added more depth to the game to make it less of a contest to see who had more Moxes or Juzam Djinni and more of a game based on unique strategies. But come on… you wanna talk about game-altering cards, talk about your Black Lotus, your Balance, your Gauntlet of Might. Oh, and anyone remember landwalk ability? Now THAT was probably the most off-balance thing they ever put into that game.


And here’s another weird card that people won’t think much about. (But I’ve based a cool deck around it.)

Shared Fate

It looks like crap (and that’s why I got it in the first place :P), but the deck I made based on it is cool.
All I have do is slow my opponent down until I can get a Shared Fate into play.
Then all I have to do is use his/her deck to win while my deck hasn’t got anything in it that can actually win :stuck_out_tongue:

A friend of mine (You all know him as Bing) likes to think up game-winning combos and build small decks around them using Apprentice. He’s come up with quite a few good ones. One of my favorates was Illusions of Grander+Donate. Ouch.

Er…Illusions of Grandeur+Donate’s nothing new. It’s been used in a lot of pro tournaments.

Yeah, Grandeur+donate(+boomerang) isn’t exactly new…

Neither is stuff like black/white pestilence/protection to sweep the board (and preferrably a CoP to survive :P)

But if anyone found a good use for Giant Slug (and then I mean it’s ability, not just sac it to something useful :P) I’d be impressed.

This card really seems just too slow agains Raffinity or Goblins.

Plus, it rolls over and dies against artifact hate.

I’d probably only play it in casual.

OK, so that one was “more bark than bite” but this one will bite you where it hurts…

Endless Whispers 2BB

Each creature has “When this creature is put into graveyard from play, choose target opponent. That player puts creature card card from that graveyard into play under his or her control at end of turn.”

Whenever a creature dies your opponent steals it at end of turn.

The first card that can pull of the Reanimated Phage combo, among other things.
Not to mention that it’s just sick…

Goblin bidding? Who cares, there won’t be any goblins to bid for, I’ll have them in play.

Raffinity? Also based on creatures, and the Ravager eating them.
And if it eats them, I’ll steal 'em… And kill the Ravager to steal it too…

And once again:
The article at

Wizards just crossed some kind of sanity threshold… And I can’t say that I don’t like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, what about this for size?

(Sorry can’t find the card at the moment) RE: later.

But it goes summit like this:

(Insert Card Name Here) X BB

You lose X life.

What? don’t get it unless you’re into some damn harsh handicaps?

Ninten :cool:


Malicious Advice X UB (PlaneShift)

Tap X target artifacts, creatures, and/or lands. You lose X life.

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Does it particularly matter? There are still people just skimming through, and anybody can see it…