That's it, I'm done, lemme go!

-Because as if three minutes ago I am no longer a fanfiction author. I finally finished the third story in the trilogy I started with Diamond Dust, and man it felt good to write that final sentence. XD Two hours of editing and transferring into FFnet’s databanks and It’ll all done. Now I have one less thing to finish. Go read it if you like, because I’m gonna sit here and laugh manically. :mwahaha:

It’s done? :yipee: But you’re not a fanfiction author anymore. Does that mean you won’t write anymore stories? :too bad;

Yeah. No more stories. My 10 skill levels in Writing (Fiction) will instead be turned towards shrining this damned game I’ll been slacking off on for the last two weeks.

YAY and stuff. Can’t wait to read it. :yipee:

Excellent! Great job Pierson, and enjoy your time off writing.

Ehm… what about Progress Quest, though? kitteneyes I’ll try to wrap up Bloody Conspiracy so we can deal with your other babies as well.

Ooof. I forgot totally about that. O_o

Okay, you win this round. I’ll finish PQ off in an contrived and self-referencing way as possible, and then hang up my writing hat. Again. ^^;;

“And it’s so easy when you’re evil…”
Err, I mean… sorry to break your bubble ^^;;