That's it! I'm doing a question thread!

I’m freakin’ sick of seeing everyone around me get their own question threads while <b>I</b> get stuck with nothing! So I’m doing one RIGHT NOW!!! And if you don’t like it, then close this thread!

Okay. Ask away!

Well here you go!
Who do you think of as your closest friend on RPGC?

What do you think I’m doing right now?

If you could live anywhere you wanted, where would it be? (fantasy worlds do count)

If you could be any RPG villian, who would it be?

Whose face would you rather have on toilet paper: bin Laden, Saddam, or Bush?

Oh, yeah: If you could have any four FF characters (villians and NPCs included) on your team in a game, who would they be?

Are You Happy? Why?

What’s on my Pocket?

What’s your favorite non RPG game?

what number am I thinking of?

Whom do you worship?

What made you cave?

Can someone sticky this? Or will it just be pushed down into the void of the board?


No, really. That’s my question.

What’s your next fanfic idea? I hope its another good story!:smiley:


Whats the best fic you’ve writen?

Tell me…tell me, well, a lot about yourself. I don’t know a whole lot about you. You don’t make yourself stand out too much. :stuck_out_tongue:

What can change the nature of a man?

If you suddenly went completely bald, what would you have for dinner?

And what’s the D in your name stand for?

Are there many Fallout addicts out there?

Why would anyone mix rum, canelonni sauce and a bit of tequila in a glass?

Which cartoon show is weirder, Batman of the Future or Superman?

Who the heck gave that idiot Howard Stern his own show?

Why do the so-called agents of authority only show up to pass parking fines instead of chasing criminals?

Do real-life cops drive as badly as the ones in GTA 3, who run over pedestrians and ram each other?

Where can I find the best prawn crackers?

Why are chickens so hysterical?

What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?

Who here at RPGC can you relate the most to?

Who’d win in a fight, the Hulk, or the Kool-Aid Guy?

Who would win in a fight between a giant peanut and an inanimate god?


Originally posted by Xelopheris

How is it different from an U.S. made keyboard Xelo?

Why do people give me weird looks?

Why does Anakin hafta turn into a wrinkly-prune like man? bursts into tears

Why won’t Manus Dei let me near THE DAMN COFFEE?!

:hyperven: C’mon, Manus, don’t be meeeeeaaaan!