... That's it, everyone in the jury dies. Like, now.

So I happily open my morning paper (in the middle of the day, but anyway), looking forwards to readin the Sunday edition’s music and game reviews.

They have made a list of the best games of last year. Cool, cool. I read, can agree from what I heard others say… “Best platformer: Ratchet and Clank 3”, “Best game: Halo 2”… then, it comes to this.

Best RPG of the Year:

Screw the whip, gimme a sledgehammer. Who’s with me?

I’d have chosen SO3, even despite it’s shitty twist.

That must have been written by a female.

I admit there haven’t been too many games recently that interest me, but COME ON! FFX-2?! I swear, those judges had to be high or drunk or yes.

It’s just a remake of FF1, man.

Dunno, I know few self-respecting girls that can look at FFX-2 without cringing. I’d rather say a guy, no disrespect to ya’ll. Except maybe StarStorm. Sorry hon, you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Shadow Hearts II should be there ;.; Why is there no love for this game ? :bowser:

Er… FFX-2 wasn’t as big on fanservice as you’d think. And, also, how many RPGs came out this year that were really any good?

And what newspaper that might be?


I was thinking about that too. FF1? I think he means FF10.

That is really stupid. I liked FFX-2, but it wasn’t the best RPG last year.

Worry not, I’m quite sure I will love it as soon as I get my hands on it. I shall be buried with the first game.
Hmm… considering that Shadow Hearts 2 wasn’t released here until March though, I guess that’s the reason it’s not on the list, right? RIGHT?

Arbetarbladet, it’s a Swedish paper. I’d link you, but they haven’t put the articles on their websites yet.

I know few self-respecting girls in general. And if FFX-2 didn’t turn me on, of all people, it’s pretty damn horrible. I just couldn’t take the opening scenes. It was just ugh…

Holy shit, so did I. Damn opening scenes. But, wasn’t there a way to skip it?

I don’t give a damn how much RPGs are liked…Half Life 2 and Halo 2 were the best games made in a while and they have the guts to give that shitty sequel one of the prizes…goes to show the sadness of the world.

First off, FFX-2 was made the way that Hironobu wanted the first final fantasy to be made. The story is completely different, but the structure is the same.

I hated the opening scenes of FFX-2, but the gameplay itself was so much better than any of the other Final Fantasies, that they have a good reason for it to be the best RPG of the year.

Bah. The way that Final Fantasy I was made far surpasses the way that FFX-2 was made. I mean, FFI, I believe, is the greatest Final Fantasy ever made. So I’m biased, but yeah. I enjoyed FFI more than FFX-2.

No Steve, the story isn’t completely different. It’s still 3 whores on a flying whoreship.

I did not touch my Christmas gift from 2002(FF 10) until a while ago and I just beat it.I havent played 10-2 yet, but I am curious about it.

So the reason there’s no shrine on it is because nobody can get through the opening scene and actually play the damn game because it just sucks SOOOOOO much?

Damn, there goes 100+ hours of my life, whatever was I thinking? :o I could’ve been playing something BETTER that came out this year like… wait, what came out this year again?

Is that how he envisioned the first FF?

Final Fantasy X-2 is a completely respectable game, guys. It is simply about the relationship of Yuna and Tidus after they separate, and has deep insight about their relationship with very little emphasis on superficial appearances, no sucking up to North American culture, and absolutely no fanservice.

Say <i>that</i> with a straight face.