Thats fucked up

Somebody dropped a cat on my doorstep this morning - fully equipped. Food, kitty litter, a bowl…everything but another litter box.

How could somebody do that? She’s a pretty kitty too.

You should feel glad that they gave her to you, instead of killing her or putting her on the street. If they did either of those things, i’d be saying “how could somebody do that”, not if they gave it to a new home.

Are you going to keep it?

That is very strange. I guess they couldn’t afford to put it in a pound. Though your post almost sounds as if this cat is ready for battle:

Makes me think that the cat may just have an ogre slaying knife, you know, one of those ones with a +9 against ogres.

If it’s a cute cat then keep it. But DON’T kill it. Bad Carma will always come back and nip you in the bud. (i dont like to say butt) :bowser: Poor Poor Kitty…

Reminds me of when my Mom and I found two kittens (a few days old) abandoned near my school.

If you’re not going to keep it do what we did and drive the cat to an animal vet or something. You don’t know if it’s sick. I might’ve kept those kittens, but my Mom has an allergic reaction to them. Oh well.

Yeah, I’d agree. If you plan to keep the cat, make sure to get it checked over. And I’d agree with Dev here. At least the person thought to be kind enough to try to give it a new home, rather than to abandon it.

Pics plz.

That’s pretty cool that they at least left the supplies too, saves you a little bit of money. Whether or not you do keep it, definately take it to the vet, just for a checkup if nothing else.

I’ve been wanting to get another kitten lately, but I worry that Natsu might eat it. :x

Oh and put on some clean non soapy gloves. And check their teeth and paws. Make sure they don’t have fleas or like baad baad teeth. Or um I dunno. I had to check neopolitan mastiffs teeth when I was 7 and 8 and I think when I was 9… They weigh over 300 pounds that’s more than 3 of me! A Neopolitan Mastiff’s teeth are huge. But wear gloves so you have enough time to pull away from the kitty if it bites you… I had to check a 45 pounds cat teeth once… It was mean and evill. -_-’ Now i’m rambling… Darn it…

That’s how my Grandma got her dog. So? Are you keeping it?

mmm… I had someone do that once except it was a white german shepherd. And they even went through the trouble of getting her fixed ! I couldn’t look into those yellow-gold eyes and bring myself to turn her into the pound. To this day, she’s been a real good dog. Named her Simba, after the White Lion.

Can’t keep it. I’ve called around to some of my friends and left messages about this cat. I guess if we can’t find an owner we’ll take it to the Humane Society.

I mean, yeah, there’s a lot of things people could have done instead of this, but taking it to the humane society would have been the better thing to do than just dumping it somewhere.

This cat doesn’t even like MY cat. She’s been hissing at her for a while. I tried to get them together or something and when I came back and opened the door my cat bolted inside.

The humane society in my city isnt very humane. If an animal is kept unclaimed or unadopted for a month, they put it to sleep.

Fuck man, i’ll take it. Mail it over here.

Yeah, ok.

As far as the Humane Society is concerned - them being the society and all, I’m gonna go with their opinion on whats humane or not. If I can’t get someone to take the cat then thats where it goes.

Humane- Characterized by kindness, mercy, or compassion

Doesn’t look like opinions really matter.

Uh, ok. I can’t keep this cat, and obviously NOBODY ELSE CAN EITHER since nobody picked it out at the Humane society, and they can’t keep every cat they ever get, clearly putting some of the cats to sleep not only is better for the rest of the cats still going on, but is better for that cat so they don’t have to just sit there forever.

Ohh yeah, taking the animal’s to the wild and settign them free for a fighting chance at survival is just too much work for lazy humans.

And let it die a slow, painful, torturous death? Oh yes, that’s humane!

At least it would have a chance.

…kitty! :frowning: