THAT's a new experience...

Okay. Halfway through my daily early morning shower today, I started to feel weak. My whole body. I hurry out and sit on the toilet to try and regain my head, but no. I then started to wobble, and next thing I know, I’m laying half in, half out of the tub with the shower curtain under me, the rod on my chest, my legs had been trashing violently, I have a gouge the size of a small snake down my left leg and there is a yellow waffle pattern across my vision, and Mom’s yelling ‘Are you okay?’ I got up with her help, and it turns out I went unconcious from heat exhaustion and panicked, sending my body into a subconcious frenzy. The water thermostat was twenty degrees high, and now I have to deal with overtiredness, a hellish wound, and post traumatic stress disorder. Two weeks before school, a day before payday, and five days before my ‘Unseen Forces’ pokemon card set prerelease tournament. I ain’t feelin’ too good…

its just puberty

That sucks man. It sounds like you had a siezure. :hyperven:

Did you go to the hospital?

I’ve never heard of someone getting PTSD from a siezure before…

Haha, I get really light headed in the shower too. Just keep more cold water in the mixture of hot and cold, you’ll be fine.

I usually have VERY hot showers, steam included, and it doesn’t happen to me. I think it was MORE than 20 degrees. Anyway, I’ve never heard of freakish stuff like that.

If the water was so hot, wouldn’t you have noticed when it like, burned? Or was it just the air in the room was too hot? Anyway, I feel obligated to mention that a lot of people open a window to let some of the steam out, and allow the air to circulate more. And if it’s not too warm out, a nice cool breeze will greet your wet and naked self. :slight_smile:

It’s called hormones, dear, we all have them.

Its called brain cancer, dear. :wave: We all have it.

Lose some weight and call a doctor you freaking walrus

Heat exhaustion? That’s unusual, isn’t it? Then again, I live in the tropics so I’m used to heat. On the OTHER hand, I AM epileptic so I know what it’s like when your own body buckles under you. Luckly I have had almost no episodes since I started taking my medication. My advice to you is: go get yourself checked by a doctor. Even if it was a one-time thing only, a health check won’t hurt, and might find something else wrong that you may not even have noticed yet. People don’t get themselves checked as often as they’re supposed to.

blink blink blinkity blink

Wow. Some of you really need to shut the fuck up.

Me… I would definately go see a doctor about this (if you hadn’t already)… I’ll have to admit the only fainting spells I’ve ever had is when I sat up too fast.

Really… >_>

Ryo: You need to get your butt to a doctor and get yourself checked out.

Sounds serious. Go see a doctor.

I agree with everyone else you should see a doctor.

On a unrelated note I think the only time I ever had a dizzy spell was after I was flung off a lawnmower by a 4 wheeler.

:moogle: wern’t you uncontios for an hour?

I don’t know I was uncontios at the time!

Or better yet…

<img src=“”> Get on IRC and talk about it.

something like that happened to me twice. the first time, i was at the hospital (nothing serious, but the details arent important) and i was taking a shower. suddenly, my vision went black and i felt weak at the knees. i felt like i was going to faint, but i fought it. i sat down for a minute and my strength and vision came back.
the second time, i was standing on something so i could reach something on a shelf. i was really hot and for some reason wearing a green sweater. suddenly, my vision faded and my knees went weak again. i felt my way into the living room and took off my sweater and i recovered shortly thereafter.
i think it had something to do with the heat, plus the blood rushing from my head. the sudden deprivation of oxygen to my head causes me to feel faint, though i cant explain the fded vision.
i was only about twelve or so during the events, and it hasnt happened again except for in a dream.

Something similar happened to me on the way home from work a while back, only with a bit more throwing up. Were it not for a kind middle-aged woman who helped me off the ground and bought me a bottle of water to hold me off until I got home, I don’t know what would have happened to me.

It’s very important to keep hydrated around this time of year. Keep a water bottle with you at all times, and when you have to shower, try to use colder water than that.

I always faint… I need to take colder showers…have any food? Im hungry.

One time, when I was 13, I stayed up all night playing Final Fantasy IV. My mom came in the room at 10 AM to see how I was doing. I stood up to talk to her, and fell into the kitchen cabinet, head first. The doctor told me I was a dumb ass who needed to eat at least once every 24 hours or so. I felt that was pretty good advice. I haven’t had that problem since then, but I’m also a little heavier now. Oh well. Worth it.

Not that I’m saying that’s what caused your problem. I suggest you probably should see a professional to tell you what caused that.

That’s not funny man…I had a brain tumor when I was baby. Lay off the cancer jokes ok?

Anyway, yeah please go see a doctor. My mom passed out once in the hallway because of some prescriptions she was taking didn’t agree with her. She got them changed and now she’s fine. I don’t think that’s you’re problem (I sure hope not), but as others have said, seeking professional help is important.