That was the best calamari I ever had

Peru seizes cocaine hidden in giant squid

::dekar!:: Damnnn

How do you dispose of cocaine anyhow?

GSM. :smiley:

That is one hella way to hide Cocaine. Good on you governmental drug-sniffing guys.

[obligatory squid and/or Ackbar and/or ‘it’s a trap!’ joke]

The police have a special way of disposing it. It usually involves a weekend and beer. :stuck_out_tongue:


700kg? Damn, thats alot.

and wb gsm.

Silly Peruvians, why can’t they hide the stuff up their rectum like the rest of us?

Welcome back GSM ^^

Do police even dispose of it? I thought they usually kept it so they’d have evidence or what not.

You can probably treat it chemically. Or burn it. Or make sniffer dogs.

You smell it untill it’s all gone, it’s that simple.

Read my favorite movie. Damn you Peruvian Coke Dealers! DAMN YOU! sniff

They burn it.

I want calimari like that!!!

Not really, but do they burn it? Or do they stock pile it so they can have secret government parties?

I’d say the latter.

Ackba smuggles?

facepalm I left that wide open for jokes. I meant legally dispose of cocaine, thats still open to the other obvious jokes though.

Ah I thought they might burn it I heard they do the same with pot. Forgot about sniffer dogs or whatever they are called.

LOL, yeah I’m sure they burn lots of pot…

Police here in Brazil, in São Paulo, DID burn pot once last year or this year, I can’t remember. They amassed a huge pile of the stuff and set it in fire. Inside a place that looked like a warehouse. With no wind in it.

Who needs pipes after all?

Dang … people always do the stupidest things, don’t they?

HAHAHAHAH, that must of been one hell of a hot box!

So if you burn a pile of weed in a windy area so people inhale it, can you get introble and what for? Besides having pot.

It’s good to see you back Gunsmoke.