THAT was a stupid move kiddo

Prank gone too far

The staff members should have noticed this and removed it, why didn’t they? ::doh:: .

Kinda amusing.

Why, you ask?

Because yearbook staff are kids, and kids like funny stuff like Secret Service investigations. Duh.

that makes sense :cool:

Pretty funny b/c I bet there’s someone among America’s impressionable and idiotic youth that would actually consider it. What amazes me is how some schools could initially get away with it when my yearbook wouldn’t let me put Nietzsche’s “That which doesn’t kill me only makes me stronger.” <Sigh> America…

Yeah, my principal wouldn’t let me put “Long live sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll” in my grad write up.

That’s pretty funny. I wouldn’t say thats a prank gone too far, I’d say it’s a prank not gone far enough.


…and Justice for all!

Erm, uh. Actually, it’s pretty funny. Two yearbooks that are in the news in the same month. Ya’ll didn’t hear about the one in my proud state I believe that identified an honor student with mutiple awards as “Black Girl” because they didn’t know her name.

Yep, quite a deal of G-R-E-A-T controversy came out of that 'ol buckner!

Actually, I saw the “black girl” one on the national news the other day, and was just about to post a link to it when I saw that you already mentioned it.

<A HREF=“”>Oh well, I’ll link it anyway</A>.

I wonder if my mate “Dave” has his reading Dave or his real name or variations of.

His first name is not David but his second Chistian name is.

One of my friends’ name is Nnanna Davies Green Orankafu, but his yearbook picture had always just said Davies Green (which is what I always thought his name was), and his license only says Davies Nnanna Green. It turns out the rest of it is his Nigerian name. I never learned it until our graduation from high school a few years back.

Thats it? because of a two lines the whole secret service and the FBI department have to get paranoid?I agree, the prank didnt go far enough.Its amusing but hardly enough to get you underwear in a knot.

The secret service is paid to take every threat on the president seriously. If a comedian says they’re going to kill bush, they’re investigated. Every website that talks about killing bush is investigated. Every post on every messageboard about killing bush is investigated. They take it very seriously. Even if I don’t like the man, I don’t want to see him assassinated. That’d just immortalize him in the eyes of the American people.

I doubt the FBI took it as seriously as the secret service did. They’d already know about someone if they were a real threat.

the University of Wisconsin-Madison once photoshopped a black guy into their alumni newsletter (or something of the sort) to make the school look more multicultural. The were found out later when the man they photoshopped in came foreword and said “I wasn’t even at that event”

“Most likely to be elected worlds greatest sex machine” would have been a funnier gag.

Way back in the day, MTV used to air a sketch comedy called “The State”, and on one episode, every skit had something involving someone saying they were going to shoot the president and then immediately after uttering those words, the secret service came to take them away. Fuck, I miss the days when MTV actually had good programming. Oh well, guess I’ll have to search the wayback machine.

In my high school yearbook, I was voted “Least likely to be seen in class” by my classmates.

I read about this(original topic and linked story) in the Rocky Mountain News today.

Hey, since you remember the good days of MTV, do you remember Liquid Television? Or Remote Control? When both of those were cancelled, I stopped watching MTV. I said, to hell with this network.

Sorry man…MTV and all of its spin-off channels have gone commercial, corporate, and multi-national…there’s…nothing we can do to save it now.

What I’m really interested in is the justification behind those nominations. Why is he most likly to kill Bush? Should the FBI be hireing that kid for their security team?

And the way they went about fixing it was totally messed up. I say good job to those 30 that held on to their books, thought they had probally just taken an early vacation and didn’t get the memo.

The USA’s leader is stupid.


I wonder what would happen if I said “Someone should kill Bush.” Would I get incestigated? :stuck_out_tongue:

*Investigated, I mean. XD

Yes and Yes. I also stopped watching it upon cancellation of those two shows.