That other Silent Hill

Back when the first Silent Hill came out, OPM (Official US Playstation Magazine) had a contest to see who could bring back a picture of a real US town named Silent Hill (particularly of a city limits sign, or something else that would prove the name). They got back a few pictures, and published them in their magazine for a while (in the letters section, I think).

Well, I was curious, and so I was trying to remember where these “real” Silient Hills were. So, I started typing in “Silent Hill” followed by a comma and a state abbreviation into <A HREF=“”>Google Local</A> to see if any of them came back with a map, and got nothing. Of course, I didn’t try all 50 states, but I’m starting to think that maybe those entries that OPM got were photoshopped.

My question to you guys is, do you know of a real Silent Hill? And, if so, what state is it in?

A quick check on mapquest or google maps confirms; there is no city in the US named “Silent Hill.”

A more in depth search shows that there’s a “Silent Hills” mountain range in the Northwest Territories of Canada, and an unverified “Silent Hill” airfield in Jamaica. These are the only two instances of any sort of feature on the planet being named Silent Hill, and one of them isn’t even for certain.