That man...

He’s still super.

Indeed he is. Thanks, Redcomet- that was a fun read. Learned a few new things about the movie, too.

But that part about Lois’ son- man, Singer is really taking risks with the Superman legend there. Hope it pays off!

You know, for such a BIG movie, they’re certainly letting a LOT of stuff trickle out to the public. You’d think they would keep their secrets as long as possible. Singer has even been posting a “video diary” of the movie’s filming online. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet:


The leaks are all facades. The actual movie has Green Latern in it.

Well, I hope the thing about Lois’ son is a false leak!

In any case, check here for the latest SUPERMAN RETURNS pictures:

Haw haw, Kevin Spacey has even LESS hair than I do now!! :smiley:

:fungah: -Maybe, but his will grow back.