That lovable sausage is here!


: Mr. Waving Smilie says ‘Mmm. Sausage’.

Nulani likes the sausage.

Mr. Waving Smilie do.

Welcome, and here are some elite’s who’ll gladly show you a tour!


Are you by any chance making fun of me? Just 'cause a everyone likes the game doesn’t make it worse. And another thread reminded me of FFMQ which is my favorite actually because it’s the first one I played.

You never got it for SNES? Oh, that sucks. I thought it was so much better on the SNES than the PSX (mainly because it was faster). Heh, sorry, I assumed everyone would have known of it for SNES.

Hey, I was eight when we sold it, and my brothers never bought it. I hadn’t enough money to go buying games.

Yes, he was making fun, but I think the point he was bringing up is that nearly everyone and thier mother loves 7 the most… My guess as to WHY is:

  1. it was the first one they played, and thus tie some nostalgia to it.
  2. cannot appriciate 2d graphics so therefore its the oldest one they can enjoy…
  3. Have yet to play anything else…?
  4. Just like the game. After all, it was good.

But there’s no denying that lots… and lots… AND LOTS of people obsess over FFVII. Oh well. :thinking:

I don’t obsess over it. Hell, I haven’t even played in about a year. And I don’t really mind 2-D graphics, I had a Snes and a gameboy and have a gameboy advance now and they have 2-D graphics. And I knew he was making fun of me, I just wanted to phrase it in such a way as to leave him in doubt of my intelligence so when I came out with an intelligent remark he’d be too shocked to respond. That’d show him.

The only thing that will ever show Hades is shoving a fork in his eye. He’s pretty much immune to all other attacks of mental combat. Then again, a good kick in the junk may work too. And guns…

Guy with gun: “Yar har har, Die Hades DIE!” bam bam
Hades: “OMG WTF! Bullets are coming out of his gun somehow, how did he know my weakness!?”

LOL. I’d have to go with the old fork in the eye.

Um, Charlemagne was making fun of him, not Hades… Hades hasn’t even said anything bad on this topic.

D’oh. Oh well, fork in the eye works on him too. Sorry Hades!Gives Hades apology balloon. Balloon pops. Hades takes out gun. Censored.

Hello and welcome Kabana.

Hi, KaBaNa.

I would welcome properly, but I really can’t be asked right now.

Well, as it stands, I just complimented Hades on never loosing in a battle of wits, so I guess I could just leave my post as an open ended comment about Hades! Woo…!

Izlude, by any chance do you have a larger version of your avatar with a higher FPS and maybe naked? I’d love to stare at it all day.

lol, I can get to work on that for you if you’d like… of course, I cant put it on this site… >_>

I was actually wanting to do it already anyway, lol