Thar She Blows - Second Impact

On Exploding Whales… Remember those guys who wanted to throw a beached sperm whale carcass into the sea by using heavy explosives, and all they got was a blood & whale soup rain?

This time the whale didn’t need the explosives.

Old news, but still entertaining. I love the fact they still have the mention of hundreds of taiwanese men gathering to “experience” the size of its penis.

I just imagined a group of taiwanese people knocking at the university’s gates and saying “hi, we came to see the giant penis” :noway:

On a side note: maybe I am being too morbid with my sense of humor, but don’t you think that the whale seems to be smiling (as in a ‘XD’) in the second pic?

Remember that and still is disturbing even though theres a lot of other twisted crap i’ve seen at some website.

Edit: XD at Ren

I have one thing to say. “Ewww!” And my husband’s take on the penis admiring natives is “That is sad.”

If this happens a third time and you make a Third Impact related joke, I will destroy you.

I’ll say exactly what I said last time: Ewww.

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Have you seen it in any other thread? It may be old, but nobody had linked to it before.

Actually, you’re the third on these forums.

If so then please show me the other two links.

Ren, much as I hate to admit it, Hades’ is right, there was a couple of threads before. It’s still amusing though.

One was on the Ezboards and the other is old enough to not be archived here. So yeah, this news is EXTREMELY old.