Thanks y'all *Sigh of disappointment*

Sighs, then goes happy :yipee:

Oh well. So what if I didn’t become a staff member?? My Fanfictions are still coming on here when I’m ready! Listen, I need public opinion about the name for the first part

~Angels Rise Again~

So? So? What do you think??

It entirly depends. Give us some fic and we’ll be more able to give opinions. But the title sounds ok.

Sounds like an Aeris ressurection fic. I like the title.

:yipee: Yay!! Thanks for your opinions! It won’t be long before I post my fic. Keep ‘em all comin’!

Oh…!! Bank-robbing! My friend’ll do that with ya! …Sorry, she’s here at the moment, and she’s saying “Me! Me!” so yeah…s’cuse that! Oh yeah…she says hi and all that…oy…

It’s not an Aeris Resurrection…you’ll see! :yipee:

I guess we’ll have to wait fro it then…