thank god

dragon ball z movie is dead for now:

Whew. The world becomes a better place.

Fox Representative: “Go away! There ain’t no Dragon Ball Z movie here and there never was!”
slams door, revealing “Dragon Ball Z – Movie Production” sign

…and there was much rejoicing, at least by me. AYNBDY WANA FYTE?

This is like some wonderful dream. Hope the fanboys aren’t too crushed.

What a terrible idea that was…thank goodness.

Just add some fireballs, laser eyes, and aliens, as well as some senseless yelling, to the fight scene in Matrix Revolutions, and there. You have a DBZ movie.

pretty much. There is no need to ever make more dbz. ever.

I wouldn’t care if they did make it. I just wouldn’t watch it.

I will celebrate this day for years to come.

Okay, we just won’t need to purify the movie crew with salt first, so they can be holy enough for the purification by fire.

I just felt a great disturbance in the Force … as if millions of fanboys cried out, and were silenced [STRIKE]by guys who actually COULD fight as opposed to just run around trying to sound tough and saying “whut u prw lvl”[/STRIKE].

Thank you god for saving us from a horrible,horrible movie.One DBZ movie is enough for the world we didn’t need another one.


/me plays the traditional FF victory fanfare riff*

The fire of rejection is justice for all.

may ne’er another make a dime off foolish CN fanboys. or something.

The fanboys must also be burnt in justice’s flame. It is the only way.

that would lower the lamer population of the entire internet by at least 50%. For great justice!

And there was more much rejoicing.