Thank God I joined the Marines.

The new Army and Air Force cammies look like shit. The colors don’t seemt o really bland with anything. The Army one is a million times better than the Air Force one (not that it takes much), but it seems like it would only do well in a modern urban environment.

The new Army uniiform.
The new Air Force cammies.

Ouch! It seems like the Marine Corps really set a trend by changing cammies 2 years ago. The Navy will be able to stand out and look unique by just sticking with old cammies at this rate.

I love the shot of the Army guy in an almost steely grey against the temperate forest background, it really emphasizes the stealthiness of the new uniform.

Same with the Airforce, but then again, they could feasibly be hidden against the backdrop of the sky… If only those pesky planes weren’t giving away all the hiden-ness.

Well the top side pic of the army cammies looks like it would be the forest/jungle ones since they are tinted closer to green.

More pics of Army one.

The new Army boots are the same that Marines have, minus the EGA (Eagle, Globe, and Anchor).

What the crap, deja vu.

Didn’t you already do a thread EXACTLY like this one, Info?


For the Air Force, not the Army.

After looking at the Army one, there is too much velcro on it. Why have velcro name tapes? It just makes it easier to mix up your cammies with someone else.

Military is military. Stop using your fancy names to confuse me! Velco is cool, old people and people with the mental capacity of a five year old use it. ^^


Some of us are on 56k you know. It’d be nice to have a few embedded (or at least direct links to) images rather than links to entire sites that happen to be rich in content and take forever to load.

Wow, the army uniform looks really horrible. The Air force site doesn’t seem to be up ATM.

yea i got a 404 on the AF one too. but the army one is just hilarious. no wonder were getting shot up over there. thank goodness the navy doesnt have too much of that stuff.

Here’s some pictrues for those of you havign problems seeing them.


Air Force

i cant believe that they have the army guys medals as patches. especially the jump wings

The Army has always had patches. Also, jump-wings aren’t as big of a thing as you’d think. Those aren’t medal either, they just show a qualification.

Depends on the wings, if it’s Airborne wings, and especially if they have an 82nd or 101st patch on, then yes it IS a big deal.

Actually I dont really mind the look, because I’ve always preferred comfort over style, and these are supposed to be comfy as hell. BUT! I still want my fucking DCUs(Desert Uniform) before I get these since everyone will get these, but combat patch on DCU’s is something not a large portion of people will ever get(especially active duty non-infantry).

the army uniform looks blah, but i dont really mind the airforce. im planning to join when i graduate…not sure though, sooo your going to join the marines? good for you! but right now the marines ain’t so hot ( as in it sucks, as is your likely to die, as in…oh forget it)
but its still an honor! :D:D:D

What the hell did you say?

I think she tried to say that:
<li> She wants to join the Air Force as soon as she graduates </li>
<li> She didn’t know that Infonick is already a marine </li>
<li> She doesn’t think the marines are “too hot”, because they are death-prone </li>

Thanks, your grasp on non-english english is amazing Kor.

I’ve been in the Marines for a about 2 and half years now. The problem with these new cammies is the way that they blend. The Army ones are much better than the Air Force ones, but still have problems (at least I think so). Also, Marines are doing pretty well actually. This isn’t a pot shot against the Army, but Mariens have sustained significantly fewer deaths.

Also, sicne Mitsuko insulted the Marines, Mitsuko’s opinion is now worthless since she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Military names? I guess “name tapes” is the confusing part, it is just the parts that say the person’s service and last name. It is jsut stupid to have them velroced on. It means that you can mix your stuff up easily. Also, velcro tends to wear after some time and the name tapes may eventually fall off, especially for infantry since they are in the dirt more, Also, I would imagine that the gear would knowck some of the stuff off the velcro.