Thank God, and why God?

Today was my last day of school!!! Except i wasnt happy during the day, i was blue sorta speak. It was dull and gray, but now i feel slightly happy, the bad thing is i wont get to sleep in cuz i have to work tommorow. Darn that rap music.

The second thing is, is that i have been planning this whole cedar point trip for a while and i was gong with my church , and my mom tells me that i have segment 2 of drivers ed, and i was happy until i found out the dates. Segment 2 is 23 days, well for mine, and i cant miss a day, and one of those three days is the date of the cedar point trips. If i go to cedar point, i have to take seg 2 in december, and i dont feel like waiting that long. Or i could go to seg 2 and skip cedar point, and have all my friends tell me how fun it was. Oh and by the way, he wont change the dates. Really pisses me off.

I’ve got aids, beastman aids, and I’ll spread them to every good boy and girl today.

I would wait until December. Most states will let you get a permit before you actually start a driver’s ed course, so long as you’re in one. Getting a license=ridiculous auto insurance. Permit=slight inconvienience, and looks close enough to a license to fake it if you’re a good liar and somebody checks, if you’re now of the law-abiding type.

ok, u do that, just go do it to somebody u want to die, some one poor so they cant buy a cure. Like magic johnson, he’s got it, but he stays alive with all those expensive medicines. Any way, i was was just really pissed at the whole cedar point thing, i really wanted to go, and for u who dont know what cedar point is, its a rollercoaster amusement park. Ive rode every roller coaster ride there, and i want to do it again

I already have my permit there arac, this is just getting me another step closer to my drivers license, seg 2 just tells u more, u get ur permit after seg 1.


ummmm…right. Thanks for the pic char. I dont get what ur trying to say, cuz at the moment im confused.

RC, haha…Im laughing really hard.

'cuz you know its true.

So someone actually agrees with me, unless u are being sarcastic(spell check), cuz i wouldnt be surprised.

Fair enough, m’lord.

NMG: <img src=“”>

Stop acting like a Klingon, RedComet. I’d hate to see one of my religion defying soldiers be banned.

What kind of faggot thinks gay people are evil.

An evil one?

Shin, RC, Charl (to a lesser extent with that Cardassian picture):
Don’t derail this thread. Do not try to incite trouble. Just sit on your hands and leave NightmareGun alone.

Hey man, I posted it cuz Cardassians are blue, and he said he was feeling blue. I shoulda posted a Bolian, cuz I’m not sure if Cardassians are really blue… I’m colour blind, just so you know.

hey charle just admited to an imperfection another sign of the apocalypse. :moogle:

Do you have a license to go along with that stupidity?

I would just wait to get your actual license, then. Insurance is expensive, anyway, and the permis isn’t that much of a pain to drive with.

But I was defending homosexuals! Have a heart, man!

For no reason, are you making fun of me, bitch?