Thailand government falling right now guys.

Military coups aren’t all bad, however, countries don’t change overnight. Thailand itself is still going to be the same after this coup is over, its going to have the same problems, and the new government will probably not govern much different than the prime minister except not doing the things that were pissing people off.

What Rig said is true. However, you have to note that these changes are temporary while the new authority is put into place and this kind of thing is what you want to do in these kinds of events to try to prevent too many problems from surfacing while emotions might overrule some people’s better senses. So no, its not fucked up.

I think ultimately this won’t change much. From what I’ve read in this thread, the PM was trying to change the status quo in some way, and that’s why he’s deposed. I’ve become pretty certain that political leadership matter little for what policies a nation adapts - leaders are trapped by the nature of the people and economy and world economy.

Well, I too hope they turn out to be pro-democratic warriors (literally). My expectations just aren’t really high.