Thailand government falling right now guys.

About 40 minutes ago some tanks surrounded the government building and now their PM (in New York no less) is saying they’re in a state of emergency.

Military coup what.


It’s a bit too early to say much about it. There’s been several large protests against Government Thaksin. It could have something to do with that, but right now it seems to be nothing but yet another example of what happens when the army is a country within the country, and loyal to their commanders and not the nation.

Bang, it’s done.

Started and finished in less than two hours.

Goddamnit Zep (or should I say King Zeppeling now?), what have you been doing over there?

You say that the Thai government is failing as thought it were newsworthy. Oh, falling. Well, that’s good. It’d about damned time that corrupt shitpiece of a government got torn down and rebuilt.

And rebuilt to be an equally corrupt shitpiece government by the new military junta.

All I know is that my gut says maybe.

Um … about what?

And they’d been doing so well with not having coups. :frowning: 15 years since the last one.

I imagine they have a big sign somewhere that says “XXX days without a military coup” and this made them reset it to 0.

I think this could be good for thailand if they don’t become another Myanmar, which they probably won’t since the country seems used to it.

Poor folks. They ought to have reigned in the military those last years. Having elected a better President wouldn’t be bad either but rarely are things that simple.

Possibly, but I try and have this thing called hope. Or, rather, in this case, not judging a group before the even come into power.

I’m just wondering wheter or not Bush and his lackies are going to threaten Thailand with invasion like North Korea and Iran though Bush seems rather Deicated to Iraq. Plus it looks like he’s running out the clock at this point.

(edit) I could have replied to Death & Taxes with the same statement.:boring:

Judge their method of coming into power. They are doing this for the good of all Thais fo course, that’s assuring. Traitors to the cause and persons who are no real Sons of Thailand (free thinkers, people who prefer to have a say on their lives/don’t like military kitsch and oaths to the fatherland, gays, lesbians, “inferior” people, left-handed people and who have you) will probably get shafted.

I’d say now they are more likely to get economic help.

Apparently the king of Thailand more or less gave his approval to the coup. Seems the Prime Minister upset a few too many people while he was in power.

Do you even know anything about who just got deposed and who was doing the deposing or are you just assuming that any military coup must be bad?

Why would our administration care terribly much about Thailand in the first place? It fits none of the criteria for the type of countries on the wrong end of the neoconservative war plan. It’s one thing to hate the Bush administration, it is another to fall out of touch with reality and accuse them of everything under the sun because you do.

The PM was a corrupted bastard, granted (who still managed to win 3 elections, I don’t know when the Thais began to oppose him). Let him fail in elections then, either normal (preferably) or premature ones proclaimed by the king. If you allow the military to regulate procedures which ought to be democratic, you allow them too much power which can be later on abused.

The parliament is dissolved, the establishment of new parties has been barred limitations were placed on public meetings as well as restrictions on the media. They depose the PM (who wasn’t the biggest democrat ever) in a decisively non-democratic way and then they further crop basic freedoms, while their goal was to “stop the destruction of democratic ordinances” (translation’s mine off the paper).

They claim a civilian will be placed as a PM in ten days (the man could still be a puppet fo course) and elections will be held in a year after a new constitution gets ready. Actions speak louder than words.

I don’t know, this military coup didn’t really kill anybody and worked a whole lot faster than beurocratic impeachement. If some of the legislation you’re saying they’re making is true, though, that is pretty fucked up. It’s still not worse than before, though, if you ask me. The non-Sons of Thailand have always gotten shafted. Governments always hate free thinkers et all, this one just might do less about it/ hate less groups/etc.