Texas Hold 'Em

I’ve been playing this a hell of a lot in real life, and I occasionally win the tourneys.
But I need practice, so i’ve turned to yahoo games and Party Poker. Anyone good at texas hold 'em, or just poker in general?

Edit: lemme know your yahoo names. We should arrange some RPGC tournaments with this shit ;o

Typical Party Poker BS.

Typical who what?

I have a friend who used to play on Party Poker (he’s since switched to Ultimate Bet). Anyway, he got mad because people on Party Poker were doing technically stupid stuff like betting out a runner runner flush draw (and hitting) or just limping with Aces. Well, one day, someone joined one of his tables with the name typicalppbs, or, Typical Party Poker BS. The guy was basically mad at the same shit, the typical PP BS, that occurs on Party Poker.

ohhh, yeah, I know what you mean. Really annoying shit like that… I hate it =\

I’m sure you do.

If your so worried about that, why even propose a thing where even more will occur?

Poker in Europe. >> << ^^
But no. I dunno, but Paradise Poker was what used to be used…

i dont understand disconnected, internet poker. the human element is what interests me.

Yeah. I’m not much for it anymore after the other night. People were like “OMG BET BET BET BET BET BET” “Lolz, I had nuffin!”
Fucking bastards >.>;