Tetra Master

I just started playing FF9 on my PS2. This game isn’t completely and utterly foreign to me, since I played a bit of it on my computer via emulation. My problem is that I don’t understand how the card battles work in Tetra Master. I’m clear on the principles of the game, but I’d really like it if someone could explain the numbers and letters on the cards along with how the battles work in terms I can understand.

Umm, let me just type out the explanation my guide has, since i don’t fully understand it myself:

The First Number’s the card’s atack power in hexidecimal, from 0 to E, E being the highest.

The second statistic is the card’s attack type. P is physical, M is magical, X attacks the lowest defense number, A attacks the lowest defense number on the card.

The Third number is the card’s physical defense in hexidecimal. The Final number is the card’s Magical defense in hexidecimal.

Hope that helps.

I know basically what hexadecimal is, but I don’t know anything about it. Help please?

Please don’t laugh too hard at the college graduate who doesn’t know about hexadecimal.

Has something to do with te number 16, that’s all I know.

Val’s right. Hexadecimal is basically values from 0-16, with letters being 10 and up. The way the battles works is that the higher numbers generally can beat a low defense and such. However, there’s a certain amount of randomness that can be quite deadly in this game. I’ve had airship cards lose to level 1 monsters. The way battling works is that after you beat a card, you flip any other enemy card that the flipped card’s arrows touch. The arrows therefore present a blessing and a curse- you can attack more cards with them, but you’ve also got the chance to cause great damage to your own cards. Did that help?

Basically, the more Attack power your card has, the more damage it CAN deal. It’s not a SET amount of damage. Naturally, defense lowers the damage dealt.

Thus far, I have no idea how HP is determined for cards, but if you use a certain card a lot, it can level up. (My Dragons have quite a few of them levelups :wink:

HP seems (it’s been a while) to be based on attack power for attacking card and defense power for the defending card.

Hp was an odd concept for me, but I didn’t care, since I never lost. Ever.

Hugs my Viltgance cards ^^

This is what I deduced and tested successfully:

The first number shows the attack power.

The second (letter) shows the kind of attack. One attacks magically, the other attacks physically and E attacks the lower number of the opponent.

The two last numbers are the physical and magical defenses.

For example: Imagine a 3M44 card battling a 3M42 card. The first card attacks the magical defense of the other card (Winning, since it attacks with 3 and the defense is 2) and the second card attacks the magical defense of the first (Loosing, since it attacks with 3 and the defense is 4). If a card has a E type of attack then it attacks the lowest number (If the other card has 3M24, it’ll attack the number 2).

A card that has AEAA is the most powerful thing you can get. Almost unbeatable if it weren’t for the motherfucking “Surprise fact”.

The “Surprise fact” is the most annoying thing ever created since Barney. It happens in only 20% of the ocassions (If you are lucky) but it’s enough to be a pain. It means that a really crappy card can beat a really good card out of simple randomness.

Also, olny a few people know that your cards can level up after beating lots of enemy cards. If it beats lots of cards, his attack goes up. If it resists magic/physical attacks, it’s magic/physical defense goes up. The only thing that I don’t know if it changes or not is the second letter.

I’ve had my cards increase in power, but their attacking style has never changed for me.

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[b]Hp was an odd concept for me, but I didn’t care, since I never lost. Ever.

Hugs my Viltgance cards ^^ [/b]

i lost a couple times in the beginning of the game, when all i had were cards that sucked…

Accualy, I’m pretty sure that F is the highest number in that game.

I LOVE Tetra Master. Unlike a lot of people, I find it just as enjoyable as Triple Triad. Little tip: It’s a good idea to throw in a weak card with 8 arrows, to set up combos. It can work against you, but if you use it right, it still works.

tetra master is my favorite FF minigame…because almost nobody clearly understands it…

I understand it. Once you realized it’s hexidecimal, it’s not too difficult.

If it has a one, its values can be anywhere between 17-32. Each value has 16 possible numbers for that stat.

And the randomness of battles is stupid. Basically, a random number between 0 and the value used is subtracted from the stat. Whoever’s higher wins.

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tetra master is my favorite FF minigame…because almost nobody clearly understands it…

Ditto. Reminds me of that one Adventurers! comic.