Testing my signature

Ignore this post as much as possible.

Why not just check your profile? Or hit “Preview Signature” before you save it? That’s what I do.

Sorry, I didn’t ignore it very well. :frowning:

The board descriptor had this place laveled as a place to test a sig, So I said “why not?”

Anyway, everything seems to be in order.

awesome avatar!

Testing as well (I added some new text).

I agree with BlueMageOne. Great avatar!

I would just like to say that it’s awesome looking at Spoonshiro’s post count and seeing 0. That’s just funny seeing a post with a post count of 0. God bless this forum not counting posts to the count.

We’ve also seen it with Setz before. But that was only for like, 1/2 a second before he made another post.

Setz = spam