Terrorist Threat in Boston

Last night, terrorist level went up for Boston. I’d link to a story if I felt like Googling it, but it was all over the news here last night. Apparently, there was a threat to us or somesuch. Am I just cynical because my first reaction was that it’s propaganda?

I remember when there was a big scare a few months back about some tourist in Dallas recording areas that were especially sensitive to terrorist attacks. Glad that’s over with.

Hope you don’t get bombed. I mean, uh, hope nothing happens.

Propaganda? What has he got to gain?

Stopping terrorists = +PR

Most of them are duds, but I suggest getting your affairs in order, just in case. Oh, and don’t go on any airplanes to do such.

Meh. Probably a teen that borrowed ‘Anarchist’s Cookbook’.

I was watching fox news at the car dealership while I was waiting for my oil to be changed, and I saw “terror alert” with some pictures of chinese people that apparently were terrorists or somthing.

So I’m assuming chinese people are the new middle eastern people.

What’s the current terror level? Mint chocolate chip?

quite a good read it is

I thought it was elevated to rocky-road, on intelligence that Al-Qaeda got ahold of highly enriched Chocolate Syrup.

Didn’t you know? Massachusetts is a blue state. Ergo, it must be loaded with evil terrorists. Or Democrats. Same thing, really… Senators Kerry and Kennedy form an Axis of Evil Liberalism.

Here I was, ready to get on the plane when they alerted everyone, too.

walks into the airport eith a briefcasewearing a large overcoat, wide brim hat, and sunglasses

waits for his “I~aeroplane~NY” t-shirt to come.


I am SO getting one of those.