Terrible Day


It started out crappy enough… I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning, because I knew I had to work. I do all my normal stuff, check stuff on the computer, and head for work. When I start driving to work my fucking windshield wiper was fucking up, and it was snowing like a bitch (so that’s quite important). Since I know fucking nothing about cars, I went to work and asked for help… now, apparently not only did I need a new windshield wiper, but I was about… oh… three hours early for work. Great. So I went to Wal-Mart, showed them the broken wiper and they showed me which one I needed. Yay. I get into line with my one item… the express lane. The fastest fucking Goddamned lane, supposedly. I’m second in line. Lucky me! The lady in front of me is trying to use an expired credit card. Not only that, but the fucking STUPID cashier kept trying to put it through, about twenty times. No. It’s not working, you stupid bitch. They tried another one, which was also expired, and the lady started bitching at her. This continued for about fifteen minutes until they finally got that stupid bitch out of there, sans items she wanted. I paid for my wiper (about ten bucks) and then tried to affix it to my car. But there was one problem: the illustration on the fucking box was completely fucking stupid, and I couldn’t understand it. I go on for about fifteen more minutes until this old guy comes up, takes pity on me, and puts it on in about two seconds. Yay. I go home, about two hours before work. I sit down and relax… the calm before the storm. And then, when I finally have to go to work, I go not oh… half a mile away from my house… and yes. I was going thirty in about three inches of snow, but since the normal speed limit is around fourty, I figured it would be okay. It wasn’t okay. I tried to stop for the stop sign… and hooray! I veer into a fucking snowy, muddy, watery fucking ditch and turn my van completely on it’s side. YAAAAY! So I call the cops, they come… my fucking feet are freezing. It takes three hours. THREE FUCKING HOURS. For everything to pan out. And you know what? The only people who didn’t treat me completely like shit WAS THE FUCKING POLICE OFFICER! She was nice. I’ve never met a nice police officer, but the tow truck drivers were complete assholes. Well - the first guy was just a dumbass… the second guy seemed like he wanted to bite my fucking head off. Oh, don’t worry, I’m completely fine. But my car will only start for a little bit of a time… then it just fucking stalls and stops. Soooo- I’m without a car all week, most likely. Fucking fantastic.

I’m aware the details I’ve supplied are fairly nebulous at this time, and confusing since it’s all in one paragraph. I hope to organize my thoughts later… but right now I’m too fucking angry and I think I’m going to cry. Sorry for bothering you all with this, but I needed an outlet.

That sucks.

Oh, and even though it’s referencing another thread: if I hadn’t worn my seatbelt, my face would have went straiiiiiiiiiiiiight into the windshield.

As a surprise, this didn’t make me laugh! I didn’t laugh at the misfortune of others! Me=good person! Anyway, bad luck on that.

Ey, at least you’re alive.

Does that make you sad, Nul?

Shit man, and I thought I had a bad day :stuck_out_tongue:

I dub thee sir partaker-of-horrible-day. Good thing you didn’t get hurt.

There is a bright side. You’re fine and you have your GF.

This should have been called “GenericAngstyPoster and the terrible horrible no good very bad day”

Wouldn’t it have gone through the windshield? And I’m sorry you had a shitty day. Finals are coming, so I’m not have the greatest time either.

Look on the bright side…you’re currently not worm-fodder.

Yeah, I’m glad you’re Ok, Ken. Looks like your only long-lasting problem is the car… hope it can be fixed soon.

And I think nobody will mind you complaining here, since you had some GOOD reasons, it isn’t like you’re complaining about the cancellation of a TV show or something. Hope you feel better soon.

Ah, that sucks man. Hope you can get your van back soon.

Let this be another warning! Wear your seatbelts!

Sorry to hear that, but at least you’re alright.

Holy crap, sorry to hear about that, GAP. I thought MY day was bad. As others have said though, you’re okay. That’s what matters most. Also…

Then be happy you didn’t listen to this guy.

Actually, he did since that is in the thread he is referencing. That guy is now dead too, so it sort of shows how much he knew.

Update: My dad dragged me up this morning to DRIVE my car to the muffler place in Chester, when there is a hole in the exhaust (now that it’s morning, it’s possible for him to see what the problem is). Sometimes I wonder about my father’s intelligence. I turned it on, and immediately everything started fogging up, just like I told him. If I drove to the next town over in that shit I could have gotten killed by the exhaust fumes. So I’m up early now for no reason, since they’re towing it now- but there is no reason to go to sleep now- it’s too late.

I work at 12:30, and it looks like I’m going to have to take the ten something bus, get there extremely early, and read a book or something.

Read a good one, like http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0689835604/qid=1105552771/sr=2-2/ref=pd_ka_b_2_2/104-3318448-0223943