Anybody Play Teranigma? I started it and its pretty awesome. The music is what lured me in.

2nd best game of the Creation of Heaven and Earth serie. I still find Illusion of Gaia better in how I felt attached to characters and the journey, while Terranigma had me attached for the rebirth and once that was done I felt a ‘Now what?’ part of wandering from town to town being a generic RPG hero problemsolver.

It’s a game where you control a kid who uses a stick to arouse a fat bald man.

Jokes aside, I loved it. Even though the game loved to sucker punch you in the nuts with every plot twist. NO ARK, YOU ARE THE DARK VERSION OF THE HERO SENT TO DESTROY YOUR OWN WORLD IN AN ENDLESS CYCLE OF DEATH AND REBIRTH. AND THEN ARK WAS DEAD. Fuck.

I never managed to understand the appeal of Illusion of Gaia. It felt incredibly rushed to me, so much that I could hardly get attached to any of the other kids before something happened. It felt less like a connected story and more like a hasty world-tour of assorted world wonders. I did like the bit about pulling the huge dick move with the russian roulette. For a game that casts a bunch of little kids, you were sure made to do a couple of asshole moves sometimes.

I have no idea why I love IoG so much. Objectively speaking it isn’t a good game at all, but there’s something fun and charming about it that most games lack. It’s sort of the opposite of my feelings for WA5 (objectively has a lot of great things going for it, but it’s missing something).

I’d bet the entire farm on the music being the reason (that and Hamlet).

I quite liked WA5’s music too though. :sunglasses:

Yeah, the music for that flower town always gets me, as does the “generic house” theme. IoG is one of my favorite games. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a bad game, it’s certainly flawed though.

I enjoyed Terranigmas gameplay. The story was screwy, to say the least.

Did the gameplay rock though. It brought the action to action rpg if youknowwhatImean. Also, Gobi desert.

The “Light Side” overworlds music hit me “right there” when I first heard it. And it still does.

You know. “right there.”

The cock.