Tenjou Tenge

Shinsen and A-S just released the OVA Ultimate Fight. I have been eager to see this, since the tv series had a shitty ending.

I wouldn’t call that “ending” even if I was paid. They didn’t resolve a single freakin’ thing, they just trashed another motorcycle and that was it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then again, I was busy trying to stop thinking about the characters as the FFVII cast, so I couldn’t really focus on the plot.

You noticed that too? The blonde protagonist with spiky hair, the big-breasted brunette and her big sister who looks like Sephiroth with boobs…

Shin was more like Sephiroth, but that works too. I nearly jumped outta my skin when the brunette rushed in with her hair in a big braid, dressed in a pink (nurse) dress. AUGH, come ON people!

Downloading in the small hope that it won’t suck as hard as the series did.

That being said; go and read the manga. Right now. :smiley:

Only if you give me a link :stuck_out_tongue:


edit; directmanga.com has the first 80-odd chapters that cover the series and beyond.

Just saw the OVA. Shitty ending again.