Tenjou Tenge... Sephiroth? What are you doing in there?

For some reason I can’t take screenshots. The media player screen goes black when I use Print Screen and then try to paste it into paint. It’s freaky. And there seems to be a depressing lack of sites offering pics, as well. Not my day. So I’ll just have to describe it.

It’s violent and gratious, but all I can think of right now (ep 10-13) is “My God… that’s Sephiroth in Squall’s SeeD uniform.” Earlier it was “Uhhh… that’s Sephiroth with a haircut… in SPANDEX!” There’s two of him! AAAAH!

Not to mention that they stuck Vegeta’s bastard son with Seifer in there, too (don’t finish that thought. It’s ugly). And a girl who does gratious transformations points to sig And her overly gratious sister who is a bleedin’ psycho when she gets started. But that’s okay, because they’re all bleedin’ psychos.
It’s all set in a highschool meant to preserve martial arts, so everyone is trying to beat everyone else into a bloody pulp. I haven’t seen a single teacher so far, which is quite understandable really…

Right-click on desktop, then properties, settings, advanced, troubleshoot, then put the slider all the way to the left. Okay everything. Now it’ll work. :wink: Just remember to put it back when you’re done taking screenies.

Yeah same thing happened to me when i tried doing that Weiila. Some programs should let you take captures or screenshots or screen caps(whatever people call them), I just uh don’t know which ones.

I don’t really like Tenjou Tenge. Too much fanservice.

I thought It was supposed to be fanservice, like Burn Up X.

I use VirtualDub