Ten Reasons Not To Get a 360


Thought: Biased because its on the GCN’s part of the site

I agree. It still makes some good points, though.

I still refuse to pay 400 for any non-computer game system unless it’s dipped in gold and plays all of the SNES classics on it.

That article is not about why the 360 isn’t a good purchase, it’s about why they think Revo will be even better. Way too biased to deserve notice and it doesn’t say anything we didn’t already hear somewhere else.

I’m still not buying the 360 because:
[li]It’s still not targeted at my demographic, with or without Sakaguchi’s 2 games of which we have heard absolutely ZERO. I detest FPS and Sports games.
[/li][li]It’s probably going to cost $2000-something by the time it reaches my coast.

The reasons are pretty stupid for the most part. Like #10 about the quantitiies happens at pretty much every launch. If a console didn’t face supply quantities at launch, there would probably be problems and concern over its success. Plus, the selling on eBay for thousands of dollars is happening more now than at past launches because of the rise of online auctions. #9 seems to be the thing with the next generation. The Revolution probably won’t follow it though since it has such a strange controller and can’t. However, this generation sort of did the same thing to the last generation. #8, while Zelda is awesome, the reverse about the Revolution could be that it doesn’t have Halo. #7 doesn’t seem quite accurate since the Revolution seems more towards a niche market by having a strange controller. #6 is pretty much the same as #8. #5 is stupid since if the Revolution is a success, it will probably have the same launch shortages that the 360 is having. It would probably be worse since it would attract more people at it s lower price. The auction sales would probably be lower only because of the price being lower (and possibly lower demand). This also isn’t too different from point #10. #4, well they’ve got a good point there. #3…ok, but that isn’t too strong of a reason. #2 is pretty valid, especially sonsidering how much of a hit Melee was, but it still isn’t too different from reasons 6 and 8 (that being about the games). However, with Nintendo’s interest in online as shown by the DS, it should be pretty good. Nintendo seems to be getting a good online plan together now (especially since it killed them on reviews for multiplatofrm games). #1 is speculation; it is yet to be seen how the market will react to the controller.

So are you gonna be skipping the PS3 at launch Omega?


I agree! :):):slight_smile:

There’s other lists.

The article’s retarded and is more biased than Fox News.

You mean it’s not fair and balanced?

Anyway, I think these ten reasons can all be replaced with ‘It is four-fucking-hundred dollars,’ in my mind. The fact that I really haven’t heard of and games that I’m interested in coming out for it and that I despise X-Box controllers make a big effect too.

You do know that they changed the controller right? It is actually very similar to the PS2’s dual shock now.

So you mean it’s note the approximate size of a grizzly bear (zomg reference!1q!!1) anymore? Might not be all that bad then if the price drops, say, more than two hundred dollars and some better-looking games come out. . .

Anyone know if the Revolution really is only gonna be 200 bucks?

Heh. It costs a thousand and two hundred dollars here. I’m not buying it 'til prices come down.

As for #4:
Well, Revolution’s not fully backward-compatible either.
I can’t stick my NES/SNES/N64 carts in it.:noway:
Also, the emulators will only support games of Nintendo’s choosing. (though we can only hope Nintendo’s big enough on this retro game deal to support Pocky & Rocky and Starfox!)
$200 would be expected, based on Nintendo’s last 3 consoles launching at that price (can’t remember what the NES launched at), but definitely Nintendo will try to sell for less than the competition.

But I’m definitely waiting until they’re all out to judge which to buy.

I have deciede when I’m getting a 360. In 4 years time when “X-box 3” and PS4 are being annouced. I only got a N64 after my Cube.

I have Noticed that there are only few RPGs on the XBox. 4 is all I can think of, even then 2 are Pt1+2 and ones that could be classes else where too.

well i like some of the reasons but it just seems like a revolution love fest to me.


No matter how biased this article is, none can deny the beauty of Super Smash Bros WiFi!