Tell me why...

…it’s so god damn infuriating to play arcade fighting games on an arcade joystick/button layout.

My roomate has a mini-cab he uses to play a lot of arcade games he gets every now and again. Just today he recieved a copy of the sequal to “Rival Schools.” I watched, it looks fun as hell. I play, it was fun… until I tried to do special moves.

Then I remembered why I don’t play fighting games on joysticks: It’s FUCKING fusturating!

I was almost to a point screaming at the board to “THROW A FUCKING FIREBALL, GOD DAMN, YOU’RE THE FUCKING RYU OF THE GAME, SURELY YOU HAVE A FUCKING FIREBALL!” To a point. (For the record, Batsu)

Instead, my character jumped up and down over and over while I was trying to input QuarterCircleFoward. 236. Not that hard, except the Joystick, MR. Joystick, decides today would be a wonderful day to be a Tigger, because being a Tigger is a wonderful thing, and makes my character, in this and every 2D or 3D fighter’s case, jump around like a Nancy-ass.

In the end, I did not receive my fireball. The joystick Express-mailed me a Shoryuken-style uppercut instead. 623. No, waiter, I did not order the shit soup and the cunt fillet sandwich, please send it back, I would like to talk with your manager.

Is there some TRICK to using a joystick correctly? Did I completely miss out on some key-el-facto lesson in gaming in my youth? Will I ever get my fireball?

Or will I have to resort to using my face for violence?

I’ve never had luck playing games with joy sticks either.

Me neither, that’s why I don’t play them in arcades. I have the same exact problems you do.

Although I find it harder to use a joystick than a pad, I think you would have had a similar mistake on pad.

See, if you try to do a hadouken and you do a shoryuken, it’s because of two reasons:

  1. The game is really lenient with inputs
  2. You walked forward immediately before doing a hadouken.

The only game that you can normally get away with #2 is Street Fighter 2, since SF2 is so strict about moves that it might as well inflict corporeal punishment.

As for #1, the newer the game, the most likely it is to be worse (In Street Fighter 4, you can do a shoryuken by double tapping down+towards and pressing punch! WTF!?!). But, most games after SF2 are a bit forgiving about moves.