Tell me to stop looking at trailers for RIFT

Seriously. Do it! I have enough trouble trying not to get back into WoW.

The idea with such a dynamic world makes me drool.

Yeah, the UI looks like WoW’s, I don’t think that’s a deriative thing, I think it’s them using concepts that have proven to work.

EDIT: Whoops, I meant to put this in the Video Games Forum. How embarassing.

I keep hearing bits and pieces about it. Also seen where there were beta keys being given away, but I never jumped on it (too much to do… -_-).

Certainly looks interesting though. Love that dynamic world gimmick.

So by “dynamic world” do you mean a bunch of unnaturally shaped identical rooms generated in a random number with narrow passageways connecting them together with junk strewn about to make you stronger for as long as you remain alive within, or are you referring to a bunch of time-traveling, reality sliding, xenotech that can also end world hunger and cure all known maladies including all forms of cancer no matter the stage it’s in form of “dynamic world”?

Wasn’t RIFTS a (tabletop) RPG? Made by the people who also did the Robotech RPG adaptation? It was pretty big in the 80’s. Not quite D&D, but big. It even has the same premise (rifts bring things from other dimensions to Earth.) Pretty good actually, as I recall. Even if this is unrelated, I’m sure that game’s creators could sue.

It does look very interesting, but not interesting enought for me to pay for it every month. No thanks.

Oh yeah, that reminds me.
I got a beta key for RIFT that I never used. It’s still lying around somewhere, maybe I should check it out. ^^

I got a beta key but I’m not sure if it’s working, really. it still says there are no upcoming beta events on my trion account page. but yes, it looks promising.

They send you an e-mail to invite you to the next beta event. I got one but I’m not going to bother with it. I’m waiting for Guild Wars 2 to come out…whenever that will be.

Can’t do it Weiila. You got me looking at them now.

I’m sorry, Lex :frowning:

It doesn’t appear to be working. stupid email system shakes fist the next beta event is supposed to be on the… 4th I think? :frowning:


Stop looking at trailers for RIFT.

Yeah I’m playing WoW again. At least I have a guild that doesn’t suck junk for a living to go to

Thanks Kaiser, you’re a real pal.

IIRC RIFTS was the most broken system in the history of rpgs, whereas MMORPGs need to keep players underpowered so that they keep [STRIKE]paying[/STRIKE][STRIKE] slaving[/STRIKE] playing. Let’s see how this turns out.

Do non-a-ex-il-dis-anti-un-im-not stop looking at trailers for RIFT.

stop doing everything.

only death is certain.

well drugs and sex are still ok you can do those

the beta is lotsa fun so far btw. :3 it’s very very wow like in terms of UI and leveling/skilling concepts. story, races and rift concepts are entirely new though. I like it so far. Looks like it has a lot of potential.

It’s quite fun and has a lot of new concepts that are fun, and old ones they fixed (like pvp specific talent trees).

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