Teen Titans!

OK, so TT is NOT really Anime! But, it IS heavily influenced by it- everything from the characters designs (Starfire looks like Mu from Saint Seiya!) to the way they all get superdeformed when in the grip of strong emotions, to the fact that the main Theme is sung by a Japanese Pop Girl group… sometimes in ACTUAL Japanese! Besides, I just felt like posting about it, so, meh.

For those of you who didn’t know, this is based on a Comic Book. It was VERY altered from the original, but, now that the Toon is a hit, they made ANOTHER comic, this one featuring the TV version of the Titans. Talk about turnaround!

Like many people, I was mad at the changes made in the characters, but the new versions have grown on me- they’re fun AND touching!

Another thing is that the Titans tend to act like KIDS, not Teenagers. But, I guess that’s to lure in a younger audience… and they’re funny, so…

I wonder why the show avoids commenting on ANY of the characters’ pasts? NOTHING is explained, not even WHY they’re living BY THEMSELVES with no adult supervision. Even Robin’s face remains a mystery! I suspect the show’s makers only bought the right for the specific Titans and their enemies, and cannot make references to other DC comics characters they’re related to (like Batman.)

My favorite is Raven. I feel sorry for her.
Next is Robin- he’s the closest thing to an responsible adult (while still making mistakes) the team has.
Starfire is VERY cute! And Beast Boy is funny (just not as funny as HE thinks he is.)
Cyborg is not very interesting, and his ocassional temper annoys me. Still, EVERYONE has his moment to shine in the series, which is its best feature.

And Slade is actually a better villain here than in the comics!

All in all, one of the best toons of the season. Highly recommended.

I’ve watched maybe one or two episodes, and yeah I see what you’re talking about. Regardless, I hate it because its a wannabe anime, imo.

I like it. But still:

Justice League Season 2 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Teen Titans, Xmen EVO, other modern DC/Modren cartoons

It’s pretty good. Then again, I never read the comics (I wasn’t into comics that much as a kid, really), so I just had the characters it gave me. That, and Justice League is a much higher-quality show (although the old 60’s Batman series could kick all their asses in terms of entertainment).

I really like it. And while I haven’t actually read the comics, it portrays Raven as going through hell and back (Literally I believe), she loses her body several times, controls the body of the other Titans, and junk like that.

The original TT was first made in the 60s I think…

Its like Xmen Evolution for me. Its so horrible i have to keep watching it until it gets better.

Oh, and Beast Boy is a total pimp.
Did ya see how he turned into a cat and nuzzled up against StarFire’s breasts?

I love Raven, I saw some (like two minutes) Where beast boy and Cyborg were stuck in raven’s head. It was cool, kinda like my head.

Sin: Indeed, the Titans were first created in the 60’s as a team of Superhero sidekicks (Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Aqualad- what, no Supergirl!?) In the 70’s version of the JL cartoon (NOT Super Friends) they also had like one or two episodes starring them. However it was the 80’s remake of the Titan’s comic (which introduced Cyborg, Raven and Starfire) that REALLY made them popular.

Amerycinsycho: I didn’t like Evolution at first because of the differences to the comic, too, but now I think it’s the BEST X-Men stuff these days.

Alyx: If your head is like Raven’s, I hope you have friends like Cyborg and BB to help deal with it. : )

For everyone’s benefit, here’s the COMIC BOOK origins of the Titans. Let’s see how much they change them in the show (assuming they ever explain them):

Robin- Batman has had THREE partners by that name now. The first grew up to become Nightwing (and has his own comic), the second was killed by The Joker (as a result of a “should he live or die?” readers’ poll) and the third is a kid who figured out his secret ID. Bats adopted the first two but not the third (His father is alive.) WHICH one of the three is the TV Titan’s Robin is unknown.

Starfire- Starfire is the princess of an Alien Planet that had to surrender to the planet’s evil conquerors. She was subjected to experiments that gave her her Energy powers. She then escaped to Earth. This was all engineered by her sister, Blackfire, who hated her. (In the TV show, none of this seems to apply.)

Raven- Raven’s origin is the worst: she’s the product of a rape- the Demon Lord Trigon seduced, then raped, a human woman. But Raven was raised in the Temple Azarath, where she was taught her powers- and to control her evil side. (I doubt they’ll go with the rape part in the show. BTW, you can see Trigon in the episode where they go into Raven’s mind, but it’s not the REAL Trigon, only Raven’s angry side.) Note, it was Raven who reorganized the Titans (to stop Trigon.)

Beast Boy: The son of a scientist, he was infected by a rare tropical disease while on a trip, and his father invented a cure that saved his life- and turned him green and gave him his powers. Later his parents died and he was adopted by the superheroes Mento and Elasti-Girl, members of the Doom Patrol. (BB’s costume is the DP uniform.) Sadly, the Patrol was killed by villains.

Cyborg- Victor Stone was the son of a scientist whose interdimensional portal summoned a Giant Ameoba that killed his wife and crippled Victor. In penance, he rebuilt Vic as a Cyborg. He also provided the Titan’s Tower.

Hmm- with THIS kind of non-PC origins, it’s easy to see why they changed them…

Originally posted by Wilfredo Martinez
WHICH one of the three is the TV Titan’s Robin is unknown.

GameFAQs has a big discussion on this.
They said it couldn’t be the Nightwing one… I forget which Robin he was. >_<

If I remember right, Nightwing was the original Robin, who was Dick Grayson. I think.

I would probably say that the Robin in TT, is the third and final Robin. Since he is probably the only one old enough to play the part. But I’m not sure.

And although they don’t use Batman (or mention him), they have made references to him. Namely Gotham City (you don’t see it, but they mention it) and Wayne Enterprises (a villian attacks them on the roof of the building, sign clearly visable)

I would probably say that Raven is my favourite, since she is mysterious, quiet and calm. Which I like.

At the library the have Teen Titan Comics and I think, personally, that there very cool. I’m somewhere in the middle of the series (for the library is missing part of it) and they are helping robin find someone… I think… i didn’t finish it yet.

Wm: I have friends like cyborg who help me, and every so often drag me away from the book I’m reading to eat or something like that.

I started watching TT a couple of months ago. I accidently stumbled onto it and thought it looked a bunch like an anime…it just needed some tweeks to pass as one.

I’ve heard of some original comics that had Raven w/o the other titans…
Don’t rightly know since basically no comix are available within reasonable price around here.

Starfire and Beastboy are my favorites followed by Raven and Robin. Can’t say much for Cyborg.

It’s okay.

Good to watch on Saturday mornings when I don’t want to torture myself by watching the Yu-gi-oh dub.

I’m just like Raven. Except with out the psychic abilities.

I’m like Raven too. One of my friends that’s not my friend anymore (gets confusing, even to me), she can “read minds” (so she says, but I think she’s bluffing). She’s always trying to figure me out, but she never can. She says I’m like raven in everyway.

there’s this cool website about TT…http://wf.toonzone.net/WF/teentitans/ I go on it constantly :slight_smile:

I like Starfire and Robin!

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