Teen Titans

Am I the only one who is excessively annoyed by this show? I’ve tried to watch several episodes because my roomate loves to watch any anime… BECAUSE its anime… And frankly this show does nothing for me. Maybe if it were done in the same tone as the original Batman animated show… Now THAT was a good superhero tv show…

Good times.

Teen Titans isnt an anime, but I see what you mean.Its an OK show, but nothing too drastically impressive.


It doesn’t immediately trigger an urge to throw the remote at the screen like Power fucking Rangers does, but between staring at the black screen of the shut down TV and watching this, I’d go for the black screen. The jokes are passable at best and the fact that they are repeated at least five times per chapter doesn’t help.

The opening theme is unbearable too, Puffy Amiyumi sing like a pair of rats squeaking with their tails when stuck on a spring trap.

I thought one episode of this was really awesome, but then again, I had also not slept for four days before that, and a few hours later got into a deep philisophical debate about Dragon Tales.

I am extremely annoyed in that instead of trying to make it engaging, funny, witty, or anything else that the actual comic manages to do, they went the route of anime-fying it for no good reason.

Also; what the fuck did they do to Starfire? >:(

I happen to like the show a great deal. The episodes that focus on Robin/Slade do quite well in capturing a little bit of that Batman feel. Some of the standalone episodes aren’t too great, and the Beastboy character wrecks whatever it comes in contact with.

Have you guys noticed that instead of doing any witty jokes, they usually tend to have someone do or say somthing that MAY be out of place and then all the characters make the stupid anime “bug-out” faces and we are expected to laugh?

That shit isnt funny. Why do people think its funny?


Guy one - OMG I smell pie! I want some pie!
Guy two - Hahahahaha, I ate the pie!
Guy one - Ack! falls upside down instantly with his feet up in the air

Japanese audience : Ah hahahahahahahahaha!!! You got me rorring on the froor raughing! Ah hahahahahaha!

Stupid stupid unwitty shit.

Robin is Lloyd from Tales of Symphonia. Seriously, listen to his voice. I know they’re the same voice actor, but still, the have the exact same voice.

They gave her pupils so she wouldn’t be so hideously creepy.

The show isn’t too bad. There is a lot of crap but there still are a few episodes worth watching. Most of the serious episodes are pretty good but yeah the show is geared toward pre-teens. If you want wit, you are better off watching Justice League after Teen Titans.

Actually, Teen Titans is one of the best animated series on this side of the world, EVER. I’m talking about story writing quality, not just because I like it.

A little history:

The Teen Titans started as just a team made up of DC Comics’ kid sidekicks: Robin, Aqualad, Wonder Girl, etc.

Then during the 80’s, writer Marv Wolfman updated them with several new characters (Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire) and kickass stories, making it DC’s most popular title at the time, matching Marvel’s X-Men.

The Cartoon is based on the 80s version. They left out Wonder Girl and Kid Flash, for some reason. They also make almost no references to other DC Characters, not even Batman. This annoyed us longtime fans of the team.

And yeah, they turned it into a pseudo-anime. I especially find the ‘super deforming to express emotion’ thing annoying.

The thing is, the show is aimed at KIDS. Same audience as Pokemon. Where they got that idea, I don’t know. The Titans comic was VERY serious, even tragic at times.

STILL, despite all of this, the Titans cartoons is surprisingly well written. Yes, it has terrible jokes. And yes, some of the episodes are so silly as to be almost impossible to stand. HOWEVER, almost every episode focus on one of the characters, giving him or her more depth than virtually any other american cartoon currently on the air does. Not to mention the running plotlines like the Robin/Slade vendetta, or the Terra/Slade one, or Cyborg/Brother Blood, and currently, Slade/Raven. And just like some episodes are nutty, others are so grim as to make you wonder if you’re still watching the same show!

The animation can be seriously good when they want it to. And the fight scenes are certainly better than in, say, Shaolin Showdown.

As for my personal tastes, I have to admit, I’ve come to enjoy the wacky episodes, like the Mad Mod ones.

Oh, and one of the show’s writers- is Marv Wolfman.

I remember, seriously, the episode I liked had a telekinetic in it, and struck me as sad at the time, but I really don’t know why or if it was actually sad.

Yeah, I was maddest about that too! :hahaha;

But chibi-Starfire has grown on me. Um, on a totally different sense, of course. She’s cute!

Look at the comic book Starfire’s eyes. Why am I the only person who finds that extremely unsettling?

Yeah, Robin’s voice actor is a horrible voice actor. Go play Dark Cloud 2, then Tales of Symphonia and then watch the Teen Titans. You’ll notice he uses the same voice in every single one. And everything else he’s in he uses the same voice. He has no talent. He shouldn’t be getting jobs.

There’s always the chance that people are like “Hey, that voice you use for Robin? Yeah, use it bitch.” I’m just throwing it out there.

It’s the voice of a plucky young adventurer with a cause in his heart and a song on his lips, it works perfectly on all three levels you mentioned.

Hiryuu: It’s the hair that freaks me out

In the comics, Starfire leaves an energy trail FROM HER HAIR while flying… which is apparently a natural ability of all tamaranians.

Oh, and they evolved from cats.

Seriously. ^^

Didn’t she get her powers (laser hands) from painful experiments done on her body after her sister sold her out?

I know the teen titans have some pretty dark backstories