Ted Woolsey Interview


The interview starts a bit before halfway i think (I just skipped to it, can’t say i found the chatter before hand too interesting.)

That thing in l-on-g. I didn’t listen to the whole of it, so I don’t know if he said anything about Son of a Submariner.

Isn’t it funny that we remember Woolsey? I blame nostalgia. And his having had 30 days to translate the whole FF3 and having had to shorten the translation twice. Boy.

He likes the ghost train scene ^ ^

The interviewers got the translation changes of FFVI advance wrong.

It(edit:the interview) is quite lengthy and a bit dry, though it does have some nice little interesting tidbits here and there.

You mean the video, or the FF6:Advance translation, Pink_Lugia?

ummm…yeah, second comment applies to the audio. Though, hmmm…maybe it applies to both :stuck_out_tongue: