Ok I have a question here. I just popped into my head seeing how I am sitting here listening to techno music on my head-phones in a computer lab.

I have heard so many people ask me what my favorate music is. of course I say “Everything” but they then come around and say “no no no, what is your FAV. music” I am like… ok easy enough and I reply by saying “Techno music”. All of a sudden I see like really discussed faces like they were going to death row.

Now I would really like to know why in the world techno music is so bad. I mean yeah I hear “Techno is just a buch of fucking beats” then I sit there and I am like “Ummm, no there is a lot of techno out there that has ACTUAL LYRICS! IN IT THROUGH! THE WHOLE SONG!” and they sit there and shake their head like it was like something gross of foriegn to them. Why in the hell do people look down on techno, I mean its music it can be enjoyable. For Crying out loud in music now a-days I hear a lot of techno like beats, and nobody complains about it, because there is like lyrics. Well fuck, I will put on a song that has all lyrics that is techno and I garentee there wont be any complaints as if it were just “All beats”.

Whats everybodies problem with it! I know for one Tetris music gets annoying and irritating faster then damn techno!


Heh. I’m fond of techno myself. Although I do prefer instrumentals.

woohoo. Somebody likes techno! I thought I was the only one in the world! There is a God! Lmao

laughs Heh. Well hey, that’s me. I prefer techno and dance mixes mainly. Don’t have many though.

I’m your resident trance mistress; techno/house/trance/eurodance (the CLUB music scene, if you will) is my favorite stuff to dance to. it just gives you an excuse to trip out and totally go wild. I love it. Plus, it’s fun to game to. I’m really into ambient stuff right now, especially Delerium, who kick much ass.

But anyways, yes, I also love techno, and hate hearing people refer to it as drug music, or weird shit.

I like Atari Teenage Riot. Digital hardcore all the way.

Actually, a lot of people here like techno. :stuck_out_tongue: I am not very familiarized with the genre, but I like some stuff that I’ve heard, here and there.

Work it.

This is mainly why I don’t talk about what music I listen to. I just say “depends on my mood, if I’m in a bad mood, metal” and since the music that will obviously be coming out of my headphones will have loud screeching electric guitars, since that’s what I listen to in order to drown out noise, people leave the discussion a that.

Hell fucking yeah!!! I have almost ALL! Of Deleriums music! OMG! I love the one that Delerium does to “Broken Down Palace” If you have not seen it, its a really good movie on friendship, and foriegn customs… I swear to god, no matter how many times I see it, I still cry like I saw it the first time! Its an awsome movie, with DELERIUM IN IT!!! Like the song “Deliever Me” Good song!

Well I am glad to know that there is more people out there that like techno other then me, I think on my campus I am the only one that listens to it, other then my Ex. Mr. Clay as Delita says! lol. Anways… sweet!

Oh and I love hearing people talk smack about it to… I think they are just jealous their music isn’t as good as techno :wink:

:hyperven: - Techno Techno Techno

:dancer: - Weeee

Omg omg omg. It’s rare, finding someone who actually knows who Delerium are! They are the shit. I think the one you mean from BDP is the Silence remix, at least, it’s the most popular song, besides Firefly. If you have any good Delerium song suggestions, list them, cuz I got a whole bunch too. I looooove them.

edit: Is Deliver Me by Sarah Brightman? I love her as well, too. Delerium and SB is the music that I listen to most, these days.

I got a friend who also loves Delerium, she always quotes them in her away message

Here and now, i feel that i’m embracing freedom
Even though i may be alone, but that’s ok
And looking out to a different sky will disengage me
Absence is never the answer, i know, but it serves as my shade


At first i though she wanted to kill herself, but now i realized its just a song

Yeah, its from SB I swear to god for a moment it was fro Delerium, but I do have their music, not with me, seeing I am not in my dorm, but when I get there yeah I can see what I have and give my imput… though I dont think I have it all… i know i lost more then half of it due to computer changes from like a 98-2003 computer

Da system … is down. Da system … is down.

I whole heartadly agree with your statement about how you are feeling. If I’m looking for something atmospheric, Danzig III or Echo and the Bunnymen. If I’m pissed off, Motorhead. However, I do listen to punk more than anything, so I think that you can say you have a favorite genre of music.

I’m a pretty big techno fan these days. I especially like everything that was released by Underworld between 1992 and 1994.

I have mostly instrumental, japanese techno. If you’re interested to sample a few tracks, catch me on AIM =P

Agreed for techno being good. I have a fraggle rock techno, its the coolest thing ever. I have like 300 techno stuffs which comes to 14 hours of play.!

Snerk I have a Simpsons dance mix.