Technically not about homework, but...

Is it better, when you can’t sleep until like 5am, to gut out the day without sleep and get back into normal sleeping rythmns the next night, or sleep the paltry few hours, risk not waking up on time for lectures, and slowly re-accumulate yourself?

I ask because I am a terrible sleeper. If I get anything more than 8 or so hours I’m dead to the world and probably need a couple of hours of waking-up-time, but anything less than 5 and I don’t sleep well and probably won’t up on time either.

Opinions? :\

[STRIKE]Shoot yourself or[/STRIKE] try to find some way to regulate your sleeping times, try to see if you can get the right amount of hours you need to be comfortable.

I would advise you tough it out, from personal experience. Tough through the day with Mountain Dew or the likes.

What country do you think I live in? We don’t get that stuff here. We get Coke and Pepsi and that’s all. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, is it really as foul as every seems to make out?

Luckily though my parents had the foresight to bundle a hee-uge carton of coffee in my suitcase when I got here. Also luckily I like coffee.

I drink code red and its pretty good. Orange wasn’t bad either, but I prefer Crush. Normal moutain dew isn’t bad but its not that special. I never tried the new black thunder grape kind.

the grape is tolerable, but code red is way better. I’m not fond of the baja blast shit that is thankfully exclusive to taco hell.

soooo… it’s better to try to get some sleep, then drink Mountian Dew, which is NOT sold in the UK, during the Morning and after noon. (I worked out it was a drink when some one said “Hey are you sure this is Moutain dew?” with giggleing in the Background.) So I’ve stuck with Coffee ( but that has no effect on me, (excluding bladder). So Tell me in Asda/Wal-Mart do your recomend/

Big Nutter
I’d Bet me and Pie are on New York time.

I get this problem a lot, and it can be really tough to decide since I’m a really really heavy sleeper so getting up from alarms is tough. I’ve actually done both many times, and I would really suggest just grabbing a few hours of sleep, it makes a BIG difference. If you’re worried about sleeping in there are safeguards you can take. Try unplugging your alarm and moving it across the room and setting it at maximum volume, this ensures you have to get up to turn it off and won’t just hit snooze without waking up. You may also want to have family/roomates smack you awake in the morning.
If it’s very very important that you wake up, and only have one or two hours to sleep you might want to just tough it out.

And if you need to drive in the morning, I would more likely suggest sleeping.

Make the sure the max volume isn’t TOO loud though. I’ve set off many a car alarm with a max volume alarm blast from my alarm clock.