Team America: World Police

Watcha’ think?

It looks pretty dumb, but what I’ve seen in the trailers seems funny too.

I’ve heard it’s pretty funny from people who have seen it. However, I haven’t, and I’m waiting for the rental.


If you like movies that make fun of American culture, go see it.

Psh, they make fun of every culture.

The soundtrack is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

America, FUCK YEAH!!

The absolute funniest movie I’ve ever seen. Puppet sex is amazing.

Isn’t reality enough?

Reality fucking sucks.

Not even close. It shows full nudity puppet intercourse. There’s nothing funnier than that, honestly.

I can’t quite get across how funny this movie is through text. It is by far the funniest movie I have ever seen in my life.

Does it involve more blood than reality?

Not really, but there is much more vomit then in reality

That’s what I’m waiting for, the hot puppet sex.

When you’re watching the puppet sex scene, remember that it’s the outcome of severe editing so the movie wouldn’t be NC-17. Then try to imagine what the unedited scene would be.

< song>I’m so ronery.< /song>

just watch the “kung-fu” fight scene… It is hands down the best part of the movie… Wait, the whole movie is the best part…

“Damnit Gary, this isnt about you sucking my dick. Its about TRUST.”

The panthers are cute, and Kim Jong Ill is funny, but the rest of it is terrible!

There’s only one deleted scene from the Puppet Sex, and that’s Gary eating out her asshole. It wasn’t “heavy” editing at all.

The very fact that you know about this editing, as well as the nature of the editing, really freaks me out. Besides for that, thanks for the reviews I’m gonna see it now.

I was going to see it in theatres, but I guess I missed it. I’m just going to wait till it comes out on DVD.