Teachers can't be cool can they?

My electronics teacher the other day made us some video from his home computer showing us what to do this lesson. Anyway the video showed him click his start menu and I was amazed to find all the FPS games he had. Among them was AvP, UT and yeah guess what Q2, the damn game I want but can’t download. Well this guy is about 50, and he hasn’t got any children so they must have been his. Later in the lesson he told us he was getting Quake 3 soon. Crazy!

Why can’t you download Q2 and why are you surprised a 50-year-old person has FPS games?

It wouldn’t work last time I tried to get it, and an old guy having cool games and being a teacher defies the law of something. When I’m old I’m gonna be like that!

I have some teachers (not so old as yours, though) who used to play Diablo with me via battlenet. Nowadays they are still playing old CS despite the new games released. I guess I’ll be playing UT2k4 with them soon.

I play a coupkla games with my teachers, too. Hell, my Necromancer and my Science teacher’s Paladin are kicking ass in Diblo II!

Me and my English teacher played Diablo 1 to the abuse point. We quit when one of us could kill Diablo with three direct hits (and that’s without cheating).

Anyway, I never played D2 with him. But I suppose, bein the addict he was, he must’ve played till he finished it with each character in the most difficult level.

Serious, I don’t know how he had time to prepare the classes since he played so much. I remember he had filled every square on which you can build something in old Afterlife without using any cheat.

My Computer teacher and I went up against two other of my friends in WC3. He’s BEYOND good at the game.

I have never playeed computer games with my any of my teachers, but I get the feeling some of them would let us play if they had the access to the stuff, and the knowledge of how to work them!!!

I used to play UT with one of my college teachers. He was pretty good at CTF-Face.

psh, afterlife sucked.

None of my teachers play games. Otherwise, I’d have challenged them, depending on the games they play.

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psh, afterlife sucked.

Speak for yourself.

And I don’t know if any of my teachers played computer/video games. I never asked them.

A bunch of my teachers are pretty cool, and I’m glad the Chem teacher is, becasue if he were to like, go insane, he could destroy the entire school and kill everyone in one swift chemical blow.

I’m afraid I don’t know what my teachers do outside school: I can only assume they’re fairly ordinary people and do whatever ordinary people do. Anyway. I’d still say they are fairly cool people; each in their own way.