Teacher arrested for selling sex toys...


One thinks… there are some Texans who want Texas to secede. I say let them and raise the national I.Q. average by 20 points.

Also, her statement is wrong: Entrapment applies only when the officers force someone to commit a crime and arrest them for it.

That said, I can’t understand why they would arrest her on obscenity for something that most people probably wouldn’t see.

I guess it is true that most people would act outraged when hearing about a couple’s sexual activites, despite how “normal” they are. Bah.

It sounds like Texan cops have nothing better to do. They’re probably buying those products anyway.

Man, what the hell is wrong with Texas?

“Webb suspects she got in trouble because she ruffled feathers in town by daring to join the Chamber of Commerce with her sex toy business.”

I knew it was political, otherwise they’d shut down every sex toy business in Texas. I know there are fucking porn shops, what she is doing is not even CLOSE to wrong.

Probably. “Let’s earn some brownie points with the electorate by fining and jailing one of those unchristian degenerates that sell things that have to do with evil, evil sex!”

Gods. I’m just pissing myself off thinking of it.

i really dont see whats wrong with what she did. the cops probably confiscated some of the stuff.

On another forum where this story was posted, someone said that it wasn’t just that it was a sex toy. They said, quote, “In Texas, it is illegal to seel vibrators or dildoes shaped like male genetalia.”

Doesn’t make it any less stupid.

GAFF, no? That’s where I got this off of.

And it’s also mentioned that they can only be owned for “educational purposes”.

Can you imagine this in a school? “Alright kids, now this is a dildo…”

The topic title initially misled me to think that she was selling them to her students. But now I see whats really wrong here.

“Among the company’s top items are a $12 jar of passion pudding in chocolate and strawberry flavors (“apply head to toe, wherever you want your lover to linger”), a $9 jar of nipple cream in strawberry, raspberry and watermelon flavors, and battery-powered vibrators that sell for $17 to $140. The company also offers such lubricants as Slippery Stuff ($13), Lickety Lube ($12) and Lucky Stiff ($11.50), and a $22 battery-powered item for men known as Jelly Julie (“with soft jelly silicone lips”).”

If this is the kind of thing that happens normally, I hafta contest the bumpersticker that says “Somewhere in Texas, a village is missing its idiot.”

do you know how awkward it is to buy condoms…i mean…how much more awkward would it be to buy jelly julie or whatever…or any type of dildo…its like…hi…this is gonna go in me, or on me

Buying condoms isn’t a big deal.

So what? If anything it says you’re getting laid. Go you.

but have you ever gotten one of those register people that dont know what you have then realize it and drop it…yeah that happened to me…and im so not getting laid…my friend needs them for his trip to see his gf…and im just like damn…

OK, looks like some people just had too much to drink… :toast:
Or maybe they just wanted to get that stuff without paying for it, so they made up that lousy excuse. :booster:

Only in texas, man.

This article seemed more like an advertisement for the company than a news report.

Anyone notice how the article hid the circumstances of the “dare” and the purchase?
How many people would still side with the woman if she jumped up in the middle of a city council meeting to make the dare or if she was on the street corner with one of those carts guys use to sell hotdogs?

It’s illegal to sell sex toys in Texas?
When did they introduce Sharia Legislation in the USA?