I’m loooking for a temporary tattoo so large it would cover my entire back. Anyone know where?

henna, spray tattoo or bio thing?

Local tattoo parlor.

Do they actually make temporary tattoos that big?

That’s what I’m asking.

DT: Which of those is the one where you get it wet and press it on your skin with 30 seconds



Sharpies and someone with art skillz.

If you’re really desperate collect as many temp tattoos as you can, lay them all face up on the floor of either your shower or your bathtub, then just proceed to lay it on, and you’ll have your very own custom large temporary tattoo.

Neither one of them ._. but they’re all temporary! ;o;

go to a tattoo parlor and get them to do a stencil for you

they can lay it down in ink on top of your skin…thats how they show you what it will look like before they do it

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