Target printing flub advertises the DS at $99

But it’ll be valid only up until December 12th.

Target is a store right? Can it be found also in Canada?


A friend of mine offered to buy me stuff from Target if I give him cash for it, since he works there and gets a 10% discount on everything he buys. Coupled with the already reduced price, that’s more than enough discount for me to buy a DS =P

Oh <i>hell</i> yes.

Ehehe no Target’s in vermont, what a surprise. adds that to list of numerous places vermont lacks and therefore sucks harder

Blasted, why did it have to be Target?

Awesome, I was just thinking about buying a DS for Christmas.

And there’s no Targets around me. ;_;

Didn’t work for me. I already have a DS, but tried to pick one up for my brother this morning, and they called the manager out to talk to me about it. She basically said “it was just a printing fuckup, and we’ve been told not to sell it at that price.” Had i thrown a fit, i probably could’ve gotten her to sell it to me, but i honestly didn’t care enough.

I’m heading down to CompUSA a little later today to pick up a new wireless card, so i think i’ll try getting them to pricematch it.

Anyone who harasses the poor workers because of this should get shot. It is not their fault it’s a fuckup. If you want to harass anybody, harass the people who made the ad, if you can contact them (which is, most likely, no). If you want to get the DS for that price, fine. Just don’t be bitchy about it if you do, guys.

Ok uncle ken.

However, the article posted has stated that if any store gives you problems to contact them at a hotline and they’ll help you out.

No, they should get shot.


I’m not doing it to be fatherly or anything. I’ve worked in retail enough to hate people who do shit like that. :stuck_out_tongue: