Tarentino Directs Season Finale of CSI



Btw, I finally saw Kill Bill. Cool movies, but not the god send that people made them out to be. Hell, there wasn’t even that much blood.

I’ve only seen the first Kill Bill movie. I wanna see the second, I liked the first. And this ought to be interesting, I LOVE CSI.

What?! Why can’t he do Law and Order, the show I actually watch?!

(That would be hilarious)

Yeah it would.

I love Law and Order, but it really lacks the fun feel of CSI. Like the episode on last night, with the fat chick. That was sad, but hilarious.

At least we know it’ll be bloody then.

Or it’ll be about ninjas and their killing techniques.

“Hm, this body looks decapitated, only a ninja–” Grisham is choked off by a ninja.

Ha ha ha. =D

There are drawbacks though. Ninjas wouldn’t leave forensic evidence behind. It’ll be the shortest episode ever.

I read about this yesterday, and I’m pretty pysched about it. However, I just don’t want anything to happen to Grissom - he’s one of my three reasons for watching!

That was rather sad. The episode from the week before was just disturbing.