oh god the Kill Bill 2 trailer makes the movie look even cooler than I was expecting.

I don’t recommend watching it if you haven’t seen volume 1, the new trailer is a little spoilerized…


the music btw is largely from The Good The Bad and the Ugly


Tarentino >>
I read the artical in Entertainment Weekly. Very interesting, he wants to work with tom hanks and johnny depp :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember hearing that Kill Bill vol 2 was going to play out more like an old-fashioned Western, unlike the first one which was more like a Japanese grinder film. Should be awesome.

Well it makes sense that they would make the style change since it would most likely get old after the first one.

I just ordered Kill Bill Vol. 1 yesterday of Barnes and Noble’s website. I can’t wait to watch it so I’ll be ready for Vol. 2.

XCG: Are you nuts? I could watch that stuff forever.

Tarantino’s a freakin’ God after Volume 1. I can’t see how he’s going to mess up now. he just doesn’t seem to be able to make a non-cool movie.

Oh, the trailer rocks so much ass.

The trailer looks very cool, but to watch either part I’d have to get over my aversion to extreme human gore.

Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite directors.
I loved Reservoir Dogs!

Well, there’s only one action set piece that you’d have to fast forward through if you didn’t want to see it. The rest of the movie isn’t too bad gore-wise. It’s almost comical because Tarantino overexaggerated it and wasn’t really taking the gore seriously.