Tap Space. Really.

I got 110 or so, but Goni got 165 O_o;

… 117. Woo. That’s what I could do. Woo.

149 on first try, woo

172… fun.

CC, got proof? O_o;

169 taps!

edit: -> 170 O_O

I’ll have to try harder to beat Cybercompost p:unch::

Originally posted by Cybercompost
172… fun.

Other than sore tendons, no. =p



1 taps!

I got 0 taps :smiley:

173 TAPS!!! \o/

GO ME! :smiley:



Bah, 87.

113 taps. Not bad for a first try!

I can only get 121.:too bad;

This reminds me of that fishing game in Zelda, where you had to jam on A to catch fish.

I sucked at it then, i suck at it now.

91 taps. Well, at least i did bettter then a couple people


One hundred and eleven.

Originally posted by Cless Alvein
I got 0 taps :smiley:

Blast! He beat me.

I got 117, DERP!

I average about 100. And my hand now hurts. o_O

bleh, 96.