Tape Measures or Rulers?


Both are equally important in the eyes of geometry, bitch.


I get the innuendo, you dog you.

I don’t ;_;

I’d say I got the innuendo, but there’s a chance there is none, and people would ask me about it, so I’ll just say: Hey big boy. ^.~

I don’t give a crap about innuendo! Tape Measures r0x! They make the whirry sound when you take it all out, and press the back in button! :slight_smile:

Stop cashing in on my joke, everyone!

No. ^.~

What the hell is this " :booster: "

It’s booster from SMRPG, with his mouth wide open. You should play SMRPG if you haven’t. It’s a wonderful game.

One more reason why Shin sucks.