Tantalus is such a cool band of thieves. They were so close, they were like this: makes a finger gesture implying extremely close relationships

They like theatre too, they’re so cultured, and manly, and sweet. They’re like the good hearted thieves, like Robin Hood, only they weren’t gay and merry. They were badass. I wish I was a member of Tantalus.

Who agrees?

Yes, that’s all well and good but do they wear TIGHT tights?

Were they chimeras?

is this your idea of a cool thread? IS IT?!

Tantalus sucked. The best band of theives ever was The 40 Theives. They had their own magic cave and everything. Goddamn that Ali-Baba.

If I was gonna make a random thread it’d be cooler. It’d have a lot more broad sweeping generalisations, statements that I Am Right And You Are Wrong, diagrams involing massive, massive rants and guns, and several references to ninjas and lasers and gold. You fail Hades. You fail like Sly Stallone in that first bout against Mr T.

I was bored with the boards (GET IT!?!?!?) so I made a thread and 4 people ate it up right away. So yeah, I guess this IS a cool thread. It needs more pictures though.

Tantalus had a cool theme song.

I googled ‘Picture’ on Google Image Search and this was the first thing I got;

Well that’s just dandy Pierson. DANDY.


What the hell is Tantalus?

The band of thieves/actors from FFIX. They are actually a pretty awesome bunch (I love Baku).

This thread has been saved from boring-ness because of the posting of that picture…it’s so precious…my cat cuddles me like that dreamy sigh

Holy FUCK! That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

Naked lesbian cats. O_O_O_O

But yeah, Tantalus, Zidane/Garnet were my favorite characters in FF9, but Tantalus just pissed me off. I hated all of them, except the one with the thing over his eyes.

(insert pussy jokes here)

And I always loved Tantalus, I like the idea that, as actors and performers, they steal a lot, too. Wonder if there’s some hidden meaning in that…

“Kids! Grow up to be theives and you too can be popular and seen as dashing rogues, so long as you occassionally put on a play!”?

Also Hades, see? I saved this thread from damnnation, and from your neglecting hands! A thread is for life, not just for kicks!

Such as Spies are really actors… but less over the top. Mawahahaha! (annoying laugh)

Big Nutter
My question: Does Blank Copy Auron’s stances?

That picture disturbs me…

Tantalus sucked. They’re just a bunch of carnies.