: Mr. Cactus Smilie tells his horrible story, how he happily went out in the sun to get a tan, and woke up from the terrible pain of having become a cactus and sitting on his nails.

The moral of his story: The sun is a good thing, and good is a bad thing.

…cactus? o_O

I want to have spines when I go tan for a long time. No one will dare mess with me then:o

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…cactus? o_O

: Mr. Catus Smilie gets frustrated and yells ‘No one understands me! No one understand the pain! No one understands how tired I get from not being able to sit!’, and goes on like that.

huggles the cactus smilie

I love my perfectly pale complexion.

/me gives the cactus smilie a fwuffy cushion ;_;

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huggles the cactus smilie

Umm… ow?

As for me, I try to never get a tan. I went to Disneyworld and bought a bottle of really strong sunblock and I didn’t get a single shade darker.

Go ahead and tan. I’ll laugh when you guys get skin cancer and die.

Seriously, don’t go to a tanning booth or bed. It’s ridiculously unhealthy for you, as well as costly and unpracticle.

Sunscreen doesn’t stop you from tanning. I wear it, and I still tan. It’s important to protect oneself as much as possible from sun damage. Don’t try this without sunscreen.

I’m not sure what to tell you about trying to match skin tone on places of your body. For me, some are always darker than others just because of the clothes I wear.

I don’t sit outside for hours at a time every day trying to be a little sun goddess - I don’t have the time, and it’s not healthy. I used to work outside during the summers, and I didn’t burn while that was going on thanks to sunscreen. Anyway… if you want to tan without a self-tanning lotion, you probably need to go out more often. Always wear sunscreen!

By the way (and this is for anyone), if you don’t tan naturally, give up trying and buy a bottle of self-tanner. Really.

I usually tan nicely when wearing sunscreen, but I can still burn if I don’t reapply once it wears off. remembers those times she burned in DisneyWorld Ouchu! XP

I usually avoid tanning, even though I should like a bronzed skin tone. I do not want skin cancer.

Oh good god, tanning isn’t going to give you skin cancer. Too much exposed and unprotected sun over a prolonged period will give you skin cancer.

Thank you Sorc… and even all of that’s not a guarantee of skin cancer. It makes a person more likely to have skin cancer, but then again people who avoid the sun and slather on SPF 45 at every opportunity can and sometimes do get it too.

Tanning is generally sitting in the sun and getting smacked by radiation to force your body to make pigment in your skin as a response 8P. So yes, tanning can cause skin cancer. Its a fact of life and living in southern CA, I know all about it. So do people in certain regions of Australia where slip slap slop was a very dorky slogan in the 80s to promote the use of sunblocking lotion. If someone’s stupid enough to waste money in a tanning salon, which I don’t know would or wouldn’t promote cancerous tumors (UV rays are UV rays people), their right.

I wish I could tan - I just burn. I have to wear long sleeves and jeans, no matter how hot it gets.

Tanning beds use a stronger kind of UV rays to get results faster.

We weren’t even advocating use of tanning beds anyway (although they do give nice tans), however just general tanning will do you no harm at all.

tanning will get you skin cancer over time. Whether its a malignant melanoma or something less severe is up to probability.

Well, in the same sense, just wandering around anyway will get you skin cancer, so it’s sort of a moot point. Tanning a lot, like every day all day, would definitly result in skin cancer. However just general tanning will not, especially if you use a strong sunscreen.

Walking around in southern california for extended periods of time AND tanning (which is lying around instead of walking ) will give you skin cancer.

UV rays can cause mutations in the DNA. All cancers arise from the right combination of mutations.