Tales of Vesperia

Goddamn, I love this game. I havent been this enamored with an RPG since I played Shadow Hearts Covenant back in 2005. It could be because I came off the comparatively terrible Blue Dragon, so anything’s gonna be better than that, but still… as much of a chore that game was, is just how fun, refreshing and involving Vesperia is.

Just one thing really annoys me. I hate how Raven is portrayed as an old man, and is always going around saying “This old man” and “you youngsters” and so on, when he’s only 35. I guess it’s because when I think about he’s… not much older than me (shudder) but still, he’s hardly old enough to be saying that. Oh well.

Love this game.

To avoid spoilers, as you’ll find out, not a whole lot of people are older than Raven (not that he’s really old, but that well, there isn’t much left). Keep an eye out. ToV is one of the best RPGs I’ve played in years. The polish that went into it is the kind we don’t see every day. There are only very few ways to have improved on it.

If you think BD was bad, man, you should try Lost Odyssey, TLR (the xbox version) or even worse, Infinite Undiscovery (also called IU, which stands for ewwww). Eww was one of the worst games I’ve played in years. It didn’t help I played it right after ToV either. BD was average.

I kinda assumed something like that about Raven. I’ll probably find out soon enough.

I still want to play LO from press and friend reviews it doesnt seem to be quite as bad as you make it out to be. I honestly can’t see it being worse than BD. It’s got to have a stronger plot if nothing else. LR really disappointed me. I was really looking forward to it.

TLR is supposed to be a good game that can’t really be played by the 360. Apparently the pc version fixes the technical issues that made it unplayable (can’t do quick time events if you’re lagging, for example).

LO IS worse than BD. The story starts off interesting but around CD3 it goes really badly. I don’t know what the hell happened but they simply tossed everything out the window. The character development stops, the story development becomes inexistant, the plot resolution is lacking and there is a massive grind (which considering the ridiculously slow combat, is really annoying).

As somebody who’s actually played and beat the last remnant, the quicktime events are very, very doable with the lag, because they allow a huge window of error in pressing the button early or late. I’m not excusing the framerate issues - that shit is balls - but it doesn’t make the game harder to play. Still, with the PC version coming out, it’s very hard to recommend the XBox version, lol. Get the XBox version if you’re just DYING to play TLR and your PC won’t run it.

Also, on the subject of Lost Odyssey, I kind of felt the opposite of Sinistral - like the story took its sweet fucking time to get exciting, and Disc 3 was a flash of brilliance…then, it went back to being just “eh” again. I would personally recommend Blue Dragon over Lost Odyssey any day. Blue Dragon’s combat is at least more fun and MUCH faster than Lost Odyssey. I’m convinced that Lost Odyssey was made to be the most agonizingly slow example of turn-based RPG combat…ever.

Still, I guess you’ll like LO’s story better. It’s more serious than Blue Dragon’s, but if you’re talking execution, Blue Dragon’s story is perfect, and Lost Odyssey is really slow and mediocre.

I agree; ToV is awesome. And yes, I guess Raven does feel older than he actually is considering stuff… that happened (other than him being to oldest party member).

I also enjoyed BD more than LO. I agree with Sin in the way that I thought LO started out strong, then went downhill from there. I didn’t care about the characters or plot resolution by the time I reached CD4 (I don’t even remember what happened on CD3). Everything is ridiculously slow in that game (not only the combat system) and it made it very painful to play, especially since I’m so old now and have very little patience. I found it absolutely retarded that I managed to kill the final boss with items. Good thing I didn’t waste my time grinding… If you can borrow the game from a friend, though, it can’t hurt to give it a try.

I think it’s even worse that you can beat the game without ever know Why Kaim and the other immortals came to the human world to begin with.

Why did they?

I don’t even remember. I remember where you can find it, if you’re interested…but personally, I’m not interested enough to go back and check myself :stuck_out_tongue:

If I remember right, it was some lame reason like they were just exploring different worlds.

I actually didn’t mind LO so much except for the extremely slow battle system. I have no idea why they decided to have that what seemed five second wait before each battle to watch the characters ready their weapons.

My friend and I just finished IU, and while I hated the combat system and the extremely too large towns and their million fetch quests, I thought the story was pretty good and funny at several points…and Michelle had the biggest breasts I’ve seen in a game since Tifa.

Now, on to ToVP. My friend and I (Can you tell I don’t have an XBox 360?) just started and love it. It’s actually a fun RPG two people can play at once. He’s the swordsman you cuts everything up and I’m the quick witted, quick tempered mage that loves to blow everything up. Nothing much more needs to be said.

Yeah, I remember you mentioned it in another thread and (I) thought exactly the same thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Should I spend money on microsoft points so I can buy 10 levels for my characters, synthesis items and 300,000 gald?

Lol, that’s so gay, yet so tempting.