Tales of the Strange, the Bizarre, and the Unusual...

Not all are entirely accurate for certain, but they sure as hell make for an interesting read.

Anyone have anything out of the ordinary ever happen in your home town?

I keep seeing these shadows that look like they run away when I look directly at them. Also, my house makes some electronics that work fine elsewhere stop working. This stuff is much more interesting, though.

Nope :frowning: Nothing from Nebraska

We shall persevere.

I get paranoid sometimes. But that’s just me.

They caught the giant bunny. ;_;


“Oh God.”

Nothing happens in Springfield Trilly you should know that :frowning:

Yep. About 10 years ago a transexual shot and killed two policemen in my hometown. The cops had been sent to the transexuals house to investigate a charge that the transexual was holding guns without a license, and a shootout ensued.

I hand out ‘All Your Base’ flyers time and again…that’s about it though.
a lot of people hate me for that =P

I should probably do something interesting, but I’d probably get arrested for it. People are too suspicious nowadays. :frowning:

I know, Springfield is like a vortex of boring…all of the boring from other places gets sucked into here. >.>;

Once my friend Zach’s younger brother was going home from their neighbor’s house, and he dissapeared. Some police found him in the woods by a highway. No one even knows what really happened because Zach’s brother has some brain problems, so he couldn’t tell them.

I looked up the section on Drew University, where I currently am (NJ - Madison - The Ghosts of Drew University). They need to do some spellchecking before they put these things up, it’s disgusting.

The SW Bowne piano thing is crap, it’s the same story at every college. Never heard of the Shakespeare Theatre one, but the building lends itself to such stories (it’s always nice and dim inside). The Hoyt thing isn’t unexpected. The ceilings are higher than usual in there, and the hallways wider, so you get a lot of unexpected echoes. That’s also one of the more noteworthy hovels of drunken decadence on campus, so people rarely have their wits about them in there.

The fire they mention did take place. It hit the original manor hourse on campus, which is a lovely mansion with a high colonade out front. The story’s well-known on campus that for whatever reason, while the fire ravaged the building it left alone the large portrait of the lady mentioned in the story (insert Earthbound “spooky” tone here). That’s where the ghost story really springs up.

The building I lived in freshman year isn’t usually said to be haunted, least not by anything more supernatural than those two-inch long flat-bodied centipedes that are nigh immortal and can withstand a direct kick. However, while I was there, one of the girls in the next room over got completely freaked out one night when she thought she saw a ghost. She was in bad shape for a while, and wouldn’t go back into the room until her roommate got back later that night. And no, it wasn’t a bad come-on ploy.